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Leading By Superfluous “Finger Pointing” – Why D.C. Needs Official Nannies

obama childish behaviorOur glorious ‘dear leader’, is governing — let me restate that, using a more appropriate term.  Dear Leader is leading American from “behind”.  And that appears to be accomplished in a superfluous, childish “finger-pointing” manner.

Barack Hussein Obama, one of the greater frauds of our time, ran as someone who would “bring America together”, ending racism and a “divided America”.  Pardon while I chortle over the growing grave of America, but Conservatives knew he was a fraud, whose designs on America were radically ideological.

He and the Democrats in Congress, and beyond in the biased corrupt media, have had a continual “finger point” on  since 2008 (if not long before).

cheating-blameAccording to the Liberal Democrats, they are responsible for nothing they do.  From their never ending ‘war on poverty’ of 1964, to their ‘war on capitalism’ via the passing of “obamacare”, their failed, tyrannical ideas, always end badly for a free people.

But according to Democrats, everything wrong in America, is the direct responsible of Republicans, Bush or someone other straw dog on the Right.  Their boney, accusatory fingers are always pointed away . . . while the other 3 correctly point to themselves.

childish harry reidChildren point fingers, lie and take no responsibility for their deeds.  Responsible parents spend hours and years, teaching their beloved offspring to do just the opposite. Time invest with correction, and punishment, so their little darlings will become mature, responsible, trustworthy adults, who will make a descent society work.

I propose that We The People be in charge of hiring several hundred Nannies to babysit our elected souls in the White House and Congress.  gov nannyNannies that have no fear of blabbering mouths, waving fingers and hysterical rants from our spoiled brats.  Ones who know how to get the job done…. and where to hide the bodies, if necessary.

Most of us have probably had one of those sorts in our past… most likely a less than temperate school teacher  or coach, without a sense of humor and unwilling to put up with ours.  We hated them at the time, but grew up learning to respect their disciplined, curt ways.

It seems to be necessary to have these sorts of disciplinarians in D.C., where they can ride roughshod over our whinny, complaining, finger-pointing, irresponsible, lying, childish adults that some of We The People, put in office.


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  1. Gunny G
    August 6, 2014

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