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Cavuto’s Correct: Where Are The Lobbyist For American Citizens?!

illegals at white houseWhere’s our lobby?  Where’s our agenda?  Who’s looking after us?

Is it me or does it seem lately you have to be from outside this country to get any support from this country? Illegals get the attention. Legal Americans get the bill.

Illegals can protest outside the White House for rights they don’t even have.  While authorities who can see them in broad daylight ignore them as if they don’t have a clue.

illegals at white house2On our dime. On all our dimes.  Because we don’t only have to put up with this. We have to pay for this.  So we do. Just like we have.

Enrolling kids who shouldn’t be here, for classes beyond crowded here, paid for by communities already taxed to the max here. Make due. Make room. Make haste.

I’ve heard of having a heart, but does anybody have a clue?

Forget about whether illegals are cutting in immigrants’ line. Why do I get the feeling, they’re cutting in legal Americans’ line? In our line?  First for care and the first to get Washington to jump.  We can squawk over the costs and how so many got here. But the bills keep piling up, and I don’t see Washington moving to get them out of here.

They’re here. And they’re not going anywhere.

Not because it’s hard to do but I really suspect because it’s something some in Washington don’t want to do.  They’d rather slap a sheriff rounding up illegals with a lawsuit.

Than punish the folks he’s rounding up for breaking the law!  That’s what’s weird. The whole thing is weird” read Neil Cavuto’s full article: here

Cavuto is correct.  Not even  the  majority of our elected politicians, are standing up and defending America and her citizens, who do — come first.   This is especially true of our corrupt  Democrats politicians, including Barack Hussine O and his corrupt, secretive, lawless regime.

It’s Americans who are entitled to “rights” afford in our Constitution — not illegal, interlopers, deciding they will demand whatever they want from America.

I forced myself to listen to Democrats whine and bemoan the “poor”children” . . . .  who came here illegally – most of which are teens and did so with full knowledge.  Many with specific intent and some fleeing the ‘authorities’ of their homeland.

We, the America citizen, come FIRST and FOREMOST.  We must demand this government close our borders, enforce the laws current on the book and do what is right for legal, American citizens.  Not those with no legal standing.



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