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Barack Obama: Intentionally Importing Murderers, Poverty, Ignorance, Government Dependence And Disease

obama attackMcALLEN, Texas – ….. government border officials are telling a frighteningly different story of the infiltration of criminal gang members and confessed murderers along with thousands of potential recruits.

WND asked Cabrera what the Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security do when they find out an illegal immigrant teenager from Central America is a gang member or a murderer. “What do we do?” he answered. “Well, they haven’t committed a crime in the United States, so they’re good to go, and we send them north, even if they admit they have committed a murder.” Cabrera said a few of the admitted murderers are in detention centers in the northeastern and central U.S. waiting to be reunited with their families.

Though many would be regarded as juveniles in the eyes of U.S. justice, he said, they have committed serious, even capital-offense felonies in their home countries…… He said many will confess to their crimes.  “Sometimes they say, ‘I murdered two people,’ or ‘I’m a gang member,”  Read more at here

Our first response, as civilized Americans, is not believing any of our Presidents would be ‘promoting evil against America’.  That it would be more likely that he just doesn’t realize what’s happening.  That he’s “following the Law” of 2008.  That he and the Democrats, “care about the children”.  We wouldn’t just be wrong, but foolishly or naively wrong.

Obama isn’t incompetent.  And I’m not so sure he’s “bored with the job”, either, as many pundits are now saying.  It’s not that he’s “in over his head” or ready to be a private citizen.  Obama is a willing and eager product of his Communist mentors and anti-American family members.

Read his book, (which no doubt, had a ‘ghost writer’, regardless of what he says), “Dreams Of My Father”.  Dear old dad didn’t like America. to put it mildly.  Neither did any of Obama’s mentors like Frank Marshall Davis (admitted communist), Saul Alinsky (communist) or dear old dad . . . read the book or any of the books about Obama (The Roots of Obama’s Rage, Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream or The Great Destroyer).

Obama’s destruction, aka “fundamental transformation” of America, is by design.  What many choose to see as incompetence or laziness, is intentional destruction.

Barack Hussein Obama is accomplishing exactly what he always intended.  Transforming American into a poverty riddled, intellectually ignorant, government dependent society, which will become irrelevant on the world stage.  A nation full of liberal democrat voters, who will keep the Socialist in power for decades to come.  He’s crushing his “political enemies” (anyone who disagrees with the tyrant) as he stuffs courts full of more Liberals to ensure his victory and power.

We’re watching the fall of a great nation.  And what are Republicans doing?  Watching.  Too weak and fearful of the “first black” man to be President,  out of fear of the press.  And agreement with big, bloated powerful government.

If there isn’t a “fast and furious” turn around back to our Constitution and some serious stopping of the tyrannical, unconstitutional use of his “pen and phone”, there will be no hope of  the salvation of America.  Which is the goal of these radical Socialist Democrats.

When your grandchildren ask you, “What happened to the America I heard about?”, you will have to say, “Well, I was busy on Face Book . . . and didn’t do anything. But we now get a free bag of rice every year from our government… and an Obama phone!”

Obama is now muttering legalizing millions of illegals, which is his goal.  Illegals who have no connection nor understanding of America’s founding and who by design and necessity, will be dependents on government… and Democrats to supply freebies.  Most of these “children” are teens of nefarious backgrounds.  Obama and the Democrats are knowingly importing disease, ignorance, and criminals into America for personal political gain — votes for decades to come.

It’s not sufficient to say shame on everyone of them,; shame on everyone going along with this destruction forced upon Americans.  It would be more prudent and just, to start putting a whole lot of politicians in jail for criminal acts and not upholding their oath of office.

God have mercy on America.


3 comments on “Barack Obama: Intentionally Importing Murderers, Poverty, Ignorance, Government Dependence And Disease

  1. American Patriot
    July 29, 2014

    Reblogged this on Reality Check.


  2. I just have to thank you for your wonderful columns. I hope you know that there are indeed people out there who feel the same way. We are witnesses to the destruction of our great land by an evil coup, and no one wants to admit it. Shame on those who sit idly by, do nothing and say nothing. Bless you for speaking out!


    • RightyPunditry
      August 6, 2014

      Thank you and there are millions who ‘feel the same way’ and are ignored by our government. Weak Republicans who choose not to stand up for the Constitution for various reason, none of which are good. I hope the country will survive but I don’t think we will… we’re so far down the path of socialist greed, it would be hard to return. And Obama importing millions of illegals to become gov. dependent Democrats, is really bad.


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