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Tom Petty: “No one’s got Christ wrong more than the Christians.”

petty Petty“…   then, Petty doesn’t think much of religion overall, saying “No one’s got Christ wrong more than the Christians.”

“Catholics, don’t write me. I’m fine with whatever religion you want to have, but it can’t tell anybody it’s OK to kill people, and it can’t abuse children systematically for God knows how many years,” he told Billboard.

Speaking of religion more generally, Petty told Billboard that “it seems … to be at the base of all wars.  I’ve nothing against defending yourself, but I don’t think, spiritually speaking, that there’s any conception of God that should be telling you to be violent,” he continued. “It seems to me that no one’s got Christ more wrong than the Christians.”   Read more: here

Petty might well be one of the über intelligent ‘non-Christians’ who knows all there is to know about Christians, Jesus, and God the Father Himself.  I usually simplify and call people like him Liberals, although I do know many Liberals who also believe they’re Christians.  If they are truly believers, then they’re Liberals because they’ve closed their minds to the Word and absorbed the inaccurate, propagandized teaching of a Liberal church.

Petty sounds “offensive”, which won’t offend a  true Liberal since for the most part, they hate Christians and Jews… and Conservatives too.  Therefore these groups of people are acceptable targets.  Just as Democrats rail against Republicans and the (false) “war on women” they made up, while they dissect, malign and lie about Gov. Sarah Palin — and mind no hypocrisy.

Petty is rather offensive but not being a Liberal, I won’t demand he be stoned for his stupidity.

His problem, as is the problem of most folks, is they can’t discern between ‘religion’, religious people, church demonstrations, Liberal churches teachings/ Liberal believers and Christians.  Sounds like a lot of  “discern’n” must have to go on . . . and you’d be correct.

The Catholic church (and I’m about to offend a lot of people) is simply a religious organization which uses the name of Christ in their dogma. They also glorify and deify Mary, Jesus mother, which can’t even be found in the Bible.  Their ‘plan of salvation’ has little to do with God’s plan.

Catholic teaching has more in common with Islam than true Christianity…. worship beads, superior men dressed in fancy garb – Popes instead of Mullah and in some case have started wars to kill due to “religious beliefs”.  This isn’t the Christian way, doctrine nor belief.  It’s Catholicism.  Petty is correct in that the Catholic church, like Islam, demands allegiance to their dogma, although in the last 100 years or so, they haven’t beheaded anyone for their beliefs . . and good for them.  They do excommunicate and should do so with the dreadful likes of Cong. Nancy Pelosi…. and a whole lot of other Democrats Catholics, who boldly refuse to follow the church teachings.

Denominations within the so-called Christian genre, also lead people way off the beaten path of Christianity, which usually begins (and therefore ends) with the Doctrine of Eternal Salvation.  And when you get that wrong, everything to follow, will be wrong and lead a soul astray.

So I find place of agreement with Petty but must give him an overall “tsk tsk”.  He, as so many, if not most, place Christians into one group.  That group is something he created within his own head . For that group most likely has few ‘Christians’ in it, only ‘religious’ folks.

Secondly, I would suggest, before spewing out thoughts that show he’s intellectually ignorant, that he study the Old Testament.  He would see that the true God of creation, instructed his chosen people how to conduct “war” (gasp!).  Yes boys and girls, God taught the Jews/ Hebrews how to fight and defeat an enemy — and it still works.  The Old Testament isn’t ‘old’ anymore than it was given only for the Jewish people.  There is evil in the world; there is more evil in the world than good; the good must continually fight against the evil, which like “radical Muslims” has no tolerance for differing views … as “radical” Democrats do not (there is a correlation between the two (gasp!).

Whatever Petty’s grievance is with “religious” people, religion, God or (true) Christians, I have no idea, but my guess would be he doesn’t like people with moral beliefs, telling him God doesn’t approve of something he wants to do.  That is where the majority of people get their hackles up.  People, except those whose hearts (souls) have been pried open (by God’s Holy Spirit) loath hearing the truth of God.  They hate being told, or realizing, that they partake in sinful activity and (gasp!) go to hell for it.

Well rest easy, I’m here to tell you that you won’t go to hell for your sinful activity — well, all except for ONE activity.  God has dealt with murder, adultery, pedophilia, fornication, theft, liars and curses for thousands of years and none of them are in hell for that.  Not one.

If you don’t know what that one sin is, it’s quite simple.  Rejecting Who and what Jesus the Christ is.  That is the one unforgivable sin. 

He was born of a virgin, died on the cross for your specific sins and arose again on the third day that whosoever believed in Him, might have eternal life.  That’s the sin that sends you to hell, by your own choice:  rejection.

This plan, which is falsely taught by many (so-called) Christians is horrifically inaccurate:

wrongplanThe Word doesn’t say to “repent” to be saved from hell; or doesn’t it say to “confess” your sins, which someone is likely to do, but it’s not a qualifier!  Nor is being “baptized” or even “remaining faithful” – these are dangerous, false doctrines.  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved (eternally).

Here is more information for those interested:  http://www.thebereancall.org/topic/Salvation  But the basics of Salvation are as simple as stated above.  Deeper truths can’t be understood without that relationship to God being finalized.

And Mr. Petty, if you bothered to find out, you’d know it is ONLY Christians who ‘have Christ right.’



3 comments on “Tom Petty: “No one’s got Christ wrong more than the Christians.”

  1. Joseph E Rathjen
    July 24, 2014

    I never professed to be an expert on Christianity and the Bible,. I’m just a Catholic who was an altar boy and learned to believe in a God that only wants us to all believe in him and what he offers. Is that so horrible? Are we to be led astray by how his word (over a thousand years) has been corrupted and misaligned by man himself?

    I am always confused why so many people today have so much hate in them for any form of religion. I’m talking about faith, not the murderous rage that the radicals in the Middle East use today to maim and decapitate.

    Is Tom Petty and the rest of the fanatical, left completely blind? Where and how did this hate on Christianity suddenly come from? i believe you are right. The only logical reason I can see for it is the fear they harbor for what could become of them on the judgement day. Why else would they pick apart every word, term or phrase from the Bible and try to discredit them?

    Basically, an excuse and an obvious ploy to convince themselves and others that their sins are not really sins and they will still go to a happy place.


    • RightyPunditry
      August 6, 2014

      First, sorry for the delay… WP has sticking things in Spam which don’t belong!

      2. I’m not a “expert” either, but have listened and read many. My intent is not to ‘slam’ Catholics, but I must speak the truth as I know it. Catholicism is a religion, not a relationship with the Living God. Here’s a good site: http://www.thebereancall.org/topic/Catholicism
      3. Hate for Christians has always been around, but in these ‘end times’, it’s becoming more popular as American shows much disdain for truth, ethics and MORALS. These ppl hate Christians as much as Jews.
      You are correct… they want to ignore their ‘sin’! I think we all do until the Holy Spirit brings us to the point of recognition. God bless


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    A wonderful post that needed to be passed along. I pray you consider its message.


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