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The Disappearance of America

America is disappearing.  If that needs clarification, I do mean the United States of America, the term the entire world understands to mean –  ‘America’.  Only the radical Liberal will find intolerance in such a term referring only to the USA.  And the reason America is disappearing.

ellis island2It seems the days are gone when people migrated to America to become Americans.  They gladly swore an oath to uphold her laws and Constitution; to embrace her English language, culture and institutions  . . .  especially the freedom of capitalism.  After all, this is what the men and women fought and died for — the exceptionalism” that would be America, where laws guaranteed individual freedom of opportunity.  Not laws to protect you from being offended by the sports team named Redskins.  Stupidity was frowned upon.

We once had Federal laws enforced by the government, not ignored for political gain.  Ellis Island screened those wishing to come here: Did they have prospects of employment and were they disease free?  These people were not only expected to learn English, they wanted to and did.  They wanted to be part of America by being Americans.  Not foreigners demanding “rights” they didn’t have and forcing Americans to conform to their foreign ways, culture and language.

americaI hope every person in this nation sees the movie “America.  Imagine a World Without Her” ( here)  It’s shocking and disheartening how our factual history has been intentionally distorted, contorted, rewritten and falsified by Liberals.  This has been in the works for many decades, as now we have adults who’ve bought into these lies of the evil that is America — reprobates like Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry, Eric Holder… honestly, the vast majority of the people comprising the Obama regime. These people who eagerly bought into a lie they chose to believe, like vampires sucking on a victim.

The America I knew was much freer.  Kids played in a neighborhood — not confined in a government approved after school day care.  Working mom wasn’t jailed for allowing her child to be at a park.  We didn’t tolerate politicians banning 32 oz. drink cups or any man temporarily playing President to create law, legals comingdisregard law and invite hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into our borders so billions of our tax dollars, dollars we don’t have, can go to illegal aliens.

We didn’t have Liberal politicians (Socialist were scorned and not put in office) telling the citizens if they can or cannot have a pond on their property or that they can no longer graze their cattle on public land.  We didn’t have politically driven law enforcement agencies pointing guns at citizens, who were legally protesting a President policies.  We didn’t have Liberal politicians creating more and more oppressive laws against America citizens , telling them what is acceptable and not do or  how to live our private lives and livelihood.  They didn’t tell us homosexual had “rights” to force a cake baker to make them a wedding cake or close his business.  We, America, had moral and ethical standards in the community and courts.

America is rapidly reach the tipping point where the ignorant, uneducated and willful stupid are in control.  They will continue to vote in politicians who are tyrants and dictators, as we have now.  There will be no “free speech”, only ‘politically correct’ speech, which is whatever the Liberal decides it is.  There will be no “freedom of religion” but freedom from religion, unless it’s sharia law. After all, who wants to offend those wielding a machete?

America will be tolerating ‘rolling blackout’ to ‘rolling blackout’ as Liberal politicians keep coal, oil and gas suppressed, as a control mechanize over a once free people.  What electricity is available will be controlled by government and doled out to the “appropriate” government cronies.  Americans will be forced into useless, tiny electric cars or bicycles for transportation.  The lucky ones will be able to afford ‘mass transit’ if it takes them within a couple of miles of work and if they don’t get robbed or murdered in the process.

All the while, the land mass around Washington D.C. will bloom and grow, expand and prosper as wealthy politicians continue to make themselves wealthier.  America will be gone.  The land mass will remain but be unrecognizable.  If books, movies and DVD’s of our history are available, they’ll be whitewashed.  It might be simpler to ban and burn, so the people, the masses, the unwashed, ignorant drones will never know what they lost… or why.  Their only job will be to wait for the next government handout, which may or may not come, and vote for whatever Democrat is up next. With any luck at all, I won’t be around to see American’s final gasp.  What I see happening now, is too hard to behold.


Ronald Reagan

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free." Ronald Reagan
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