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Canter: Goodbye . . . . And Congratulation Mr. Brat For Standing On Principle!

cantorI listened to a most of what Cong. Eric Cantor said in his “bye bye” news conference.  I also found it somewhat amusing, listening to many of the talking heads and Republicans, who were carrying on like Cantor had been assassinated or at minimum, killed in a horrendous car accident — instead of being defeated.

One of the goofy things Canter said, was that one of the reason he’s was there (in Congress) was to ‘work with the other side’; ‘work toward compromise’.  And this, my comrades, is one reason he LOST.

Never have I ever heard a running- for- office- again- politician, say, “Elect me so I can work with the other side”.  And you sure as hell will never heard THAT from a Democrat.  In fact, I can’t think of a time in recent years when a Dem has even suggested “working with Republicans” for anything.  Democrats do not ‘work with Republicans’, but lie and intimidate them into doing whatever the socialists Democrats wants.

I fear, with relative assurance, that Republicans under the ‘lack of leadership’ of John Boehner, will and are filled with rage that some ‘stupid, ill-informed’ constituents dare vote out ‘one of their own’.  He and they are likely to double down and appoint more ‘beltway good’ole boys’ who  will work with President Hussein and him socialist drones. Eager and willing to give Barack his ‘amnesty by any other name’, in their stupid believe that they, the Republicans, will gain hispanice votes.  No, sirs, you will not.

We need to throw a lot of people out of government. Since we need to replace them with principled, constitutional appreciate people, they’ll be Republicans.

We, the thinking voters, want our Reps to stand on principle; to stand on core values… not ideology of working with Democrats, who we must admit, are now Socialists.

Canter, like way too may Republicans refuses to get it’, because they themselves are Democrats of old, yearning for ‘big government’ of control.  Instead of fighting its evil existence, as Reagan understood was necessary.

bratCongratulations Mr. Brat


3 comments on “Canter: Goodbye . . . . And Congratulation Mr. Brat For Standing On Principle!

  1. criticalmass
    June 11, 2014

    I hope this sends a message to RINOs that conservatives are fed up with the establishment.


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