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What Is An Impeachable Offense?

impeachable-offenses-1.gifAn Impeachable Offense is not an offense that requires a high level of discernment or degree of illegality.  An Impeach Offense, as defined by our Founders who wrote the articles, Constitution and Bill of Rights Amendments, simply means an offense that is ‘unbecoming to the office’. 

This includes but is not restricted to:

Lying to the American public.  Naturally, committing perjury as Bill Clinton did is a “high crime” but Barack Hussein Obama’s flaunting and ignoring of the Constitution (he supposedly knows as an instructor” — not a Professor) and his willfully ignoring, going around and deliberately choosing not enforcing the Laws of the Land, choosing to work around Congress which is not authorized by the Constitution are also “high crimes”.

Clearly, Obama has done little that in not Impeachable.  So to hear ignorant, weak kneed and sissified Republicans and so-called conservatives, say there is no will and no crime great enough, is more than a bit nauseating.  Not one man, NO President, NO Speak of the House, NO Senate Leader, NO one standing as a Representative of the People, duly elected by the people, should be allowed to keep his or her job when they’ve committed offenses and crimes against the State and people of the country.

When we as a nation of free people, allow lawlessness to rule, we are ruled by fiat.  We were not established to be a dictatorship, but we have become one, where one man, one Party of Democrats dictates lord of their subjects and tell us what we must succumb to and live under.

God may not have mercy much long.


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    June 4, 2014

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