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Michelle Obama: “Food Nutritionist Nazi Of The People” Or “Let Them Eat Brussel Sprouts!”

let them eat tofuWorld noted nutritionist (not), Mrs. Barack Hussein Michelle Obama has seen fit to sit in judgement of the  foods our children and/or their parental unites, choose for them to eat. Of course, this is to be expect from any resident busybody, elite Liberal.  We, the small, insignificant people’s of America, only need wonder how we’ve raised all these generations of successful, functioning human beings, without the input of said busybodies?  But somehow, we have managed.  Yea! us.  And please don’t get confused by the personal freedoms and liberties afforded us, the people’s, by the Constitution and deaths of thousands of brave men . . . .  I’m sure that is all pure coincidence.

In any case, we must now accept the albeit unsubstantiated fact, that the unelected ‘Michelle Obama Knows Best’.  This leaves only one question to be surmised, mulled about, digested, ruminated and spit out:

“Since Mama Michelle knows best for all, should it not be mandated by our  beloved “Congressional Critters” in the House and Senate, to force.… share with our beloved inmates in local, state and federal dentition facilities, as well as the “freedom fighters” at the Guantanamo Bay Holding Facility for Combatants, to also partake in the enjoyment of said balanced, delicious nutrition?”

US Guantanamo Harder TimeLet it be known and let it be said, if Queen Michelle Obama, Food Nazi of the American School Children, has mandated such delectable, healthy delights, which are good enough for the school kiddies of America, and far superior to what we, them or they can choose for ourselves . . . . shouldn’t it be good enough and superior for prisoners? 

“Equality and Fairness For All!!” (please note that the Obama’s endorse all the beloved Communist slogans)

  junk_food_ michelle obama** please do not notice the photo of Michelle Obama, Food Nutritionist Nazi of the People, stuffing her personal face with “junk food”. I am sure this is nothing more than an illusion, misconception, fraud or “rightwing conspiracy” concocted by Rightwingers to disillusion the people’s that Queen Mama is hedging on her mandates.  If you accidentally view said photo, immediately wash your eyes out with bleach.


4 comments on “Michelle Obama: “Food Nutritionist Nazi Of The People” Or “Let Them Eat Brussel Sprouts!”

  1. Brittius
    June 4, 2014

    Reblogged this on theThumpHouse.


  2. zip
    June 4, 2014

    Brittius had a reveal take on ‘Michael’ obama. If the public realized she’s a ‘he’ would that help them realize the depth of the deception of these usurpers? For some, ‘yes’ and others ‘no’. He states that when arresting them in the old days they called this kind a ‘She-It’ – not to mix them with the real females.


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