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Michael Bloomberg: The Broken Clock That Tolled The Right Time At Harvard’s Commencement Speech

bloombergTolerance for other people’s ideas and the freedom to express your own are . . . perpetually vulnerable to the tyrannical tendencies of monarchs, mobs, and majorities, and lately we’ve seen those tendencies manifest themselves too often, both on college campuses and in our society,” the 72-year-old entrepreneur and philanthropist said at the university’s 363d commencement, held in Harvard Yard.

“On every issue you must follow the evidence where it leads and listen to people where they are, f you do that, there is no problem we cannot solve, no gridlock we cannot break, no compromise we cannot broker,” he added. here

“This spring, it has been disturbing to see a number of college commencement speakers withdraw — or have their invitations rescinded — after protests from students and — to me, shockingly — from senior faculty and administrators who should know better,” Bloomberg said.

The billionaire former mayor cited an October speech during which his ex-police commissioner, Ray Kelly, was shouted down by students at Brown University. The university canceled Kelly’s speech when protesters opposed to the police department’s stop-and-frisk policy shouted down and interrupted Kelly.

Bloomberg noted other universities have had speakers back out. He pointed to Rutgers, where former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice withdrew amid protests, and Smith College, where International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde withdrew after a student petition.  Guest segment turns feisty over protest

“In each case, liberals silenced a voice — and denied an honorary degree — to individuals they deemed politically objectionable. This is an outrage,”

“If you want the freedom to worship as you wish, and speak as you wish, and marry as you wish, then you must tolerate my freedom to do so,” Bloomberg said. “Attempting to restrict my freedoms in ways you would not restrict your own leads only to injustice. We can’t deny others’ rights and privileges that we demand for ourselves. And that’s true in our cities, and it’s no less true [at our educational institutes].” here

A broken clock is right twice a day, as the saying goes.  Correct, although it still remains broken.

Michael Bloomberg is more than well known for his far left stance on, which includes trying to control other people’s behavior and personal choices, with his personal, judgmental attitudes.  One more noted point, was pointing his finger at “right-winger” for the failed car bombing in New York City several years ago.  Of course, facts showed he was wrong and no apology came forth.

He’s gone on to impose his leftist ideology on guns and 32 oz. drink cups… very Naziesk.

But to his credit and much to the shock of many, he did say something bold, needed and correct at the commencement speech. What a shame he doesn’t truly practice real open- minded views, such as Americans have the right to choose those 32 oz. cups.

Congratulations, Mr. Bloomberg and I hope we’ll hear much more sanity from you in the future.  The radical, small minded, intolerant Left’s desire is to shut down the speech of those who they oppose.  Unfortunately, they Nazi ways prove successful.  We also know those intolerant breeding ground begins in school and flourished at the Leftist controlled colleges and universities.

Parents should careful choose, where you want to send your educational monies.  The mind you’re destroying, could be your child’s.


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