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CNN’s Incompetence Shown Again As Carol Costello Touts “Michelle Obama” Signs a Bill Into Law?

costelloThe anchor is Carol Costello, and apparently Hillary is wasting her time chasing her shot at equality with Bill, when it turns out First Ladies actually had presidential powers all along. Who needs Schoolhouse Rock when you can learn from clips like this?

The easy excuse, and the one I’m sure CNN will offer, is that she “just misspoke.” You know. It was Michelle’s initiative. The dude is her husband, after all. The Bible says husbands and wives become one flesh so it’s sort of like she was guiding his hand, or maybe there was a quid pro quo about which we need not know. here

CNN’s rating have dropped drastically over the past decade or so.  This is one of the reasons why.…. very little intelligence or investigative reporting, just simply reading what’s supplied by liberal website and the Democrat White House talking points.  Carol Costello actually thinks the First Lady signs bills into law?  Where did she go to school — Teleprompter High?

It’s bad enough that we have a failed man as President and must tolerate, like Hillary Clinton’s “hillarycare”  “you got a ‘two fer’ with me and Hillary” debacle, but this busybody liberal Michelle has  pushed her failed agenda on American school children.  Butt out and bake some cookies, lady.

You can’t fix stupid, but you should be able to realize, turn it off or fire it.


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