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American: Obama’s Dumping Ground

no dumpingAmerica is not a Dumping Ground
Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson will testify before the House Judiciary Committee on issues related to immigration and border security. There is probably no department through which Obama has pushed his lawlessness more than Homeland Security, as he has completed shredded our immigration laws and erased our borders.

…..Judiciary Committee should make this hearing the beginning of a sustained effort to shame and embarrass the administration into enforcing the laws, preserving our sovereignty, and protecting our national security.

It’s time for Republicans to unite behind one common theme – preventing a new wave of illegal immigration. Reasonable people can disagree about what to do with those who remain here illegally after we reinstate our laws and stop the new flow of illegal immigration.” .here

It’s time for Republicans?  It’s way past time for Republicans, ‘lead’ by one of the worst leaders ever to be Speaker, John Boehner, to begin with replacing Boehner with a true Leader of substance.  He and Mitch McConnell in the Senate only ‘run’ as Conservatives of convenience at reelection — never lead as ones.  They are way to eager to appear to work with the enemy, and that’s what the Democrat Party is, than to take a firm principled, conservative, constitutional stand.  Lip serve is cheap and easy; a principle stand, takes principled people.

The Obama regime and all his radical minions sole intent in “fundamental transformation” of American is to destroy our principle values, Constitutional laws and replace them with a Liberal ideology of socialism. That includes willfully handing over our nation to the uneducated, undocumented, ignorant people from any despot controlled countries, especially Mexico and South America, but also regimes of the Middle East.  Mexico in particular are taught that their el Mexico was stolen from this failed, poor, uneducated county and needs to be returned to Mexican hands.

And let’s be clear, Obama has not deported more illegals than Bush — that’s simply a lie of mouth, soul and concocted, phoney numbers.

Republicans are weak and leaderless, except for a few strong Conservatives and are complicit with Obama destruction.  It’s an extreme worry that if and when Republicans take the Houses back, they’ll continue not to guard the gates and laws of our nation.  “Go along to get along” Republicans must hear our voice and be forced to take a firm, physical and verbal stands against this racial, unconstitutionally driven, lawless “first black president” and say not just no but hell no.


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