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“Get out of my kitchen, my kids cafeteria, my restaurant, my “fast food” joint”

michelle obama food naziNot too many years ago, we, the average Middle American, were bombarded with the term, “Get out of our bedrooms”.  This was a promoted by homosexuals, because they didn’t want anyone telling them what they could or couldn’t do in their bedrooms.  What it actually meant though, was that the gay individual didn’t want to hear what they were doing was called ‘sin’ in the Bible.  So, people were instructed that they were not minding their own business and that others had the right to do whatever they want, without it being pointed out that it was sinful.

Well, whatever.  The point is and was, mind your own business.  Minding our own business is a difficult task, as we all have a ‘point of view’, convictions, standards or… an ideology.

I don’t care what anyone does in any room of their house, if they’re not infringing on me in some way. I wish the militant Liberal, believed the same as they preached.  They don’t.  So let me be clear, “Get out of my kitchen, my kids cafeteria, my restaurant, my “fast food” joint.  It’s not your business”.

Michelle Obama, who is not nor ever been, a Nutritionist (although she does like to play one on TV interviews and speeches) likes to preach her militant Food Police fascism to the rest of us.  She’s not alone! Deirdre Imus, wife of Don, who also has no degree in Nutritious, but does play one at her Environmental website, preaches as if she had  the doctorates of all Doctorates.

It’s more than tiresome.  Suggestions and debates are all well and good, but restoring to Nazism  and demands for your narrow point of view, is fascism.

I’ve seen Mrs. Imus a few times on some Fox News show, where she rambles on about what people “shouldn’t be allowed to eat”.  It is noted that these were are usually asked their points of views, but their response are stiff and demanding.  These  are simply two self-appointed Liberal Food Police, policing what people want to eat.  These are the sort of people who think they know more than we do about our food consumption choices and spend their time demanding we ‘conform’ — a bylaw of Liberalism.  I won’t, I don’t.

Michelle Obama (again, with no degree) forced public schools into changing their menus to what she saw as a more acceptable conformity with the Liberal driven Food Police’s agenda.  It’s been an utter failure (oh, what a surprise) that the kids won’t eat the c*** their told to eat.   here

Dear Michelle tells school cafeteria and restauranteurs what they should and shouldn’t be servicing, while she gnaws away on lobsters during her taxpayer funded vacations.  Honestly, I don’t care what Mrs. O or Mrs. I eat — I just wish they’d afforded the rests of us, the same curtsey.

“New school lunch standards implemented as a result of First Lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign have led to more than 1 million children leaving the lunch line.  The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a wide-ranging audit …. finding 48 out of 50 states faced challenges complying with Mrs. Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.”  here. Butt out Michelle.  Punish your kids with your brussel sprout choices, not ours.

Here are some facts:  almost all foods are good to eat, including hamburgers.  Milk, cheese, meat are all ‘natural products’ and more importantly, they’ve been around for a millennia with no harmful effects, despite the bull excrement we’ve been feed by Liberals with an agenda.  Cholesterol isn’t created in the body by meat, trans- anything or cheese. (here)  Believe it not, it’s your option.  I’m not a food cop of any sort…. but I do like the truth.  And I use common sense, which isn’t so common anymore.

For decades, the public has been force-fed the “dangers” of foods we eat or the coffee we drink.  In time, it’s all been proven to be a man-made hoax, propagated and lead by Liberals with an agenda.  Or in short, part of the Busybodiness of Liberalism.

So please, all you Busybody Food Nazi’s out there —  shut up.  Parents are the ones to decide what their kids are allowed to eat… not you,  Adults can make those decisions of what to put in the mouths, not you.  No body likes a busybody, specifically when they’re consumed with busying in to someone else’s body and business.



2 comments on ““Get out of my kitchen, my kids cafeteria, my restaurant, my “fast food” joint”

  1. Sam Katz
    June 22, 2014

    I can’t believe you even bothered to mention the idiotic Deirdre Imus. I think it’s one thing for the First Lady of the United States to want propose that kids eat a healthy diet … it’s another thing completely for Fox Broadcasting to entertain Imus’ wife: a super wealthy, vulgar, unemployed, bleached blonde, casting couch harpie with four huge estates who flies across the country on a private jet every weekend so her corpulent son can throw down calves at the rodeo. The only “credential” this moronic broad has ever had is that she married Don Imus, who looks 30 years older than he is, no doubt in part thanks to the horrible “diet” his wife keeps him on. I think it involves not eating food, but instead swallowing something like 80 supplements per day. I couldn’t even drink the amount of water required to do that! I consider myself extremely politically liberal, and I don’t think dictates about food have anything to do with politics at all, they just have to do with stupidity. I can’t stand people who don’t enjoy food, and while I agree that people shouldn’t indulge in way too much of any one thing, I also agree that almost all food is good for you if you vary it and eat in moderation. Both of my parents lived well into their 90s and ate anything and everything and far more “junk” food than I ever would. And they were both thin. Ultimately you can’t trump genetics no matter what you eat.


    • RightyPunditry
      June 23, 2014

      I mentioned Mrs. I because she, in my opinion, is a liberal idiot who believes she (like Mrs. Obama) have the right and obligation to tell everyone else what to consume. Mrs. O went far beyond offering an ‘opinion’ on “healthy” but dove into “politics”. She decided to be political and dictate to schools and restaurant owns, what should be served. Not to mention there is no evidence that what she says we should all eat is “healthy”… it’s just an opinion. Fact is, we need protein and there is no better source than meat/ eggs, which are ‘healthy’. I do agree, it’s not the food which is ‘bad’ but more of an over consumption, which is still no ones business but the consumer.


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