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The Unprofessional Democrat Rep. Grayson Hopes To Be a “Nightmare” In The Benghazi Investigation

polical hacksDemocrat Rep. Alan Grayson, the ‘extremest’ Liberal from Florida, hopes he’ll be on the Benghazi Committee.  In a friendly interview with the less than illustrious Al Sharpton on the non- watched MSNBC:

Grayson: I would be their worst, worst nightmare. I’d be their worst and last nightmare.

Sharpton: Would you do it?

Grayson: Absolutely. Somebody’s got to tell the truth. Somebody’s got to tell the truth.

Democrat Alan Grayson is a political hack.  A title he apparently wears proudly, as most hacks do.  He is noted for nasty comments and his vile personal attacks, none of which are established in fact.  In other words, he’s rather typical Democrat of recent years.

In any case, it’s stunning that he’d be placed on a Committee to investigate the murders of Americans.  He can’t be ‘the best’ the Democrats have to offer?  But then, their job will continue to be obstructionist in getting to the truth:  Where was Obama at the time of the attack?  Why didn’t Obama send help to the men under attack?  Why were survivors threatened with losing their jobs if they spoke to the press?  Why were survivors hidden away?  And why did the lies continue about the video?

But these are all question in a “phony” scandal, according to Barack and the Democrats.  Nothing else needs to be answered, in spite of the facts that … we have no answers to the questions.

The buffoonish and uncivil Grayson will likely make a fool of himself, if he continues to be the man we’ve seen before.  One filled with spite, venom and hate — what a person to place on a committee investigating the murder of Americans.  This foolish man says, “Somebody’s got to tell the truth”.  Hey Grayson, that’s what the Republican lead committee has attempted to do for almost 2 years!

This hack spews that he’ll be “the Republicans worse nightmare”?  A bit braggadocios don’t you think?  To choose yourself out of all the despicable Democrats, even over Obama?  And where’s all the “civility” Obama asked for?  Where the “bipartisanship” the Democrats say they love? What a joke.

I rather hope Grayson is on the committee.  I think Trey Gowdy will chew him up and spit him out… where he belongs.  Disgraced on the floor.


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