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Illegals In America Is Surging Under Barack Hussein Obama

illegals in americaThe national immigration debate is being rocked by the new report showing more than 36,000 criminals in the country illegally were released on American soil in just the past year, and the author now says this is the result of a badly flawed system and a growing desire within the Obama administration not to deport illegal aliens.

Jessica Vaughan is director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. In addition to the number of criminals released, her research shows those offenders committed more than 88,000 crimes, many of them after being released from custody.

The Obama administration admits that it is looking to decrease deportations, essentially focusing efforts on those deemed to be a threat to public safety while allowing nonviolent offenders to stay in the U.S. Many of the 36,000 criminals are under orders to be deported, but were released, rather than detained… “They’re really playing Russian roulette with our safety…”   Read more at here

I never expected much in the way of leadership nor improvement for America, when a ‘community organizer’ was put in the Oval Office.  After all, his experience was not in governing or managing anything in the private sector.  His life experience was based upon getting people railed up against one another, for a particular cause and agenda.  That is what a community organizer does.  Unfortunately, Obama has done that successfully, as he and his regime have divided Americans in as many ways as possible.

I didn’t honestly expect this man and those surrounding him to even do what was right or best for America  . . . . but I thought he’d be held accountable for upholding the law of land, which is part of his job title. and to which he swore a ‘sacred’ oath.  He has not and has done so with relish and a ‘in your face’, wagging his finger ‘I dare you to do anything about it’ approach.

It began in earnest when he publicly ran BP into the ground for an oil spill (not the death of workers, which was the only tragedy) and demanded money and punishment for the company.  He worked illegally and was told by the Court, to stop his actions.  He did not.

Its grown increasingly worse as scandal after scandal have been exposed.  As law after law has been ignored, changed, rewritten and opposed — all of which Barack Hussein Obama did not have the authority to do.

For the most part, the ‘accountability department’, which would be Congress, set silent, when they should have been in front of camera’s every day, making their case.  Shame on Speaker John Boehner and his weak leadership.  He and his supporters will have to wear that badge of shame for decades to come.

Illegals infiltrating this nation is more than a disgrace.  It is another scandal and one which could and probably will change the composition of America forever.  Barack Hussein has intentionally allowed this travesty of justice.  This should be sufficient grounds for Impeachment proceedings.  It’s all about his agenda of “fundamental transformation” of America… for the worse.  But there’s no excuse for not enforcing the Law.

Now voters, who were foolishly duped by this man or who simply vote for whatever Democrat is thrown in front of them, must accept some responsibly for he evil forced on America.  Murderers and rapist have been set free.  Think of that the next time to get ready to vote for any Democrat.  Or the next time you lose a friend of family member to a violent crime.  Was that person here illegally and allowed to stay?


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