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The Liberal Hate Of Paul Waldman Represents Too Many Of The American Democrats

Paul Waldman:  “Think fast: Which politicians from the other side do you merely dislike, waldmanheadshot3_1and which do you absolutely despise? Can you say why?

I was thinking about this because of Harry Reid, who really, really gets on conservatives’ nerves, and seems to be constantly trying to figure out new ways to make them mad. Unlike Nancy Pelosi, who generates contempt from the right mostly for who she is (a San Francisco liberal, a woman with power), with Reid it’s about what he does, specifically his propensity for saying things about conservatives that are over the top. Most liberals look at Reid and see him as an extremely skilled legislative leader…”

Take Sarah Palin. Democrats find her exasperating not just because she’s a blithering fool who nearly came a heartbeat away from the presidency, but because she luxuriates in her nincompoopery. And importantly, she expresses her own limitless contempt at liberals—not only them as people, but the places they live and the things they do. It’s hard not to hate somebody who so clearly hates you. And she’s important enough (or at least was) to care about……. Rick Santorum? He’s got the extremism, but he’s kind of a joke. Jeb Bush? Please. Chris Christie? Now hold on—there’s a guy you could grow to hate.       here

Liberal bloviate and pontificate with such egotistic gusto…. all the while preaching to the rest of humanity the glories of “tolerance” and “diversity”.  Of course, Liberals must redefine the definition of ‘tolerance’ to mean, agreement — agreement with their ideology.

This buffoonish writer, Paul Waldman, is another glowing example of their contempt for tolerance and diversity.  He doesn’t bothers to point out to readers, the inaccuracies of his intolerance and intentionally misleading article.

Harry Reid:  He is indeed loathed by many on the Right side of the political spectrum.  In general, Conservatives believe in and stand by principled, ethical standards and moral honesty, which are characteristics people used to strive for personally, as they and look for those qualities in those who would represent them in the highest levels of government.  There’s a reason Democrat Sen. Harry Reid, has the nick name, “dirty” Harry.  The man is a provable, pathological liar.  You can catch him in a lie about every time he opens his mouth on the Senate Floor.  I’ve wondered how he looks himself in the mirror, it’s become so despicable.  To say “Most liberals look at Reid and see him as an extremely skilled legislative leader..” is sadly, correct.  But what Reid exhibits isn’t “leadership” anymore than Obama is a leader.  It’s simply dirty politics with the ideology of “the ends justify the means”.

Reid lied about Gov. Mitt Romney “not paying his taxes in ten years”.  Information he claimed he received from some “anonymous” person. He lied about Cliven Bundy in Nevada, saying much the same about his taxes, which was a provable lie.  The real question should be, if Reid had this information, how did he get his dirty fingers on private tax information of a private citizen, which would be illegal?

Harry Reid is loathed, or hated by some, not because of his “skilled leadership” of the Democrats in the Senate, but his unethical tactics.  He’s the typical, nasty political hack.  A person of proved corrupt morals and unethical standards.  He’s a disgrace to the  U.S. Senate and to the people he represents.

Nancy Pelosi is indeed a far Left Liberal, which translate to a radical Liberal/ Socialists.  She’s also a woman of low character, who malign her “political enemies” and lies about them as well, incapable or uninterested in honest debate of issue when lies will suffice.  She, as Reid, refuses to allow Republicans to present issues for debate when she ran the House.  But now being in the Minority, she demands equal footing at the same table?  Hypocrisy and dirty dealing is nothing to be respected.

Governor Scott Walker is a good and descent man who did what the voters of  Wisconsin   elected him to do — get them out of debt from previous Democrat administration and end the heavy-handed control of Unions bosses.  He did that.  And Democrats hate him for it, and their ‘hate’, translate into “scorched earth policies” of personal destruction.  Not debate of issues.

Sarah Palin is a true feminist — an attractive, successful married woman with a family, who handles both career and home.  One of her sins, according to the Left, is giving birth to a child who is ‘challenged’ or retarded (I see no offense in the term).  She was a successful Mayor and Governor of Alaska and was invited to be a Presidential VP candidate. And the Party who claims to be the Party of Women… hates her for all the aforementioned — because they ‘disagree’ on issues.  Issues such as a strong belief in God and giving birth to a less than perfect baby.  Gov. Palin is smart and knows her business, as was proved with Russia most recently. Yet the contempt and “hate” that the ‘tolerant’, ‘open minded’, ‘compassionate’, woman supporting Liberal Democrats, is breathtakingly stunning.

Waldman’s list goes on.  He obviously “hates” everyone with Conservatives principles. Principles. Convictions, standards and ethics.  Something liberal Democrats don’t particularly support, by the people they elect and donate money too.  And that’s the real problem — values.

Liberals/ Democrats have an ideology — not principles beliefs.  They have an agenda and not a vision.  And they rail against all they don’t approve, making demands that conservative Americans must give up their values and principles to embrace the radical Liberal ideology.  This is the War America is current embroiled in.  One which will settle for another hundred years what America will ‘go back to’ ……. or be forced into.

Democrats and their drone followers, like Waldman, do “hate”.  They want the rest of us to hate what they hate.  What does that say about Waldman, Democrat talking heads on MSNBC and the like, the politicians and ‘journalist’, who spread the hate like peanut butter on bread?  I think the answer is obvious.

To answer Waldman’s question:  I don’t hate or despise any of the people he mentioned and clearly is slant was directed at hating Republicans’.  What I do hate is journalists and politicians who live on drumming up hatred, instead of delving into honest, and I do mean honest as defined by Webster’s (honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair; showing uprightness and fairness: honest dealings) debate.  That would be refreshing.



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