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Michelle Obama Preaching A Racist Agenda To High School Grads Was A Bit Scurrilous

mo bigot speechMichelle Obama: “And that’s really my challenge to all of you today – when you encounter folks who still hold the old prejudices because they’ve only been around folks like themselves, when you meet folks who think they know all the answers because they’ve never heard any other viewpoints, it is up to you to help them see things differently…. Maybe that starts in your own family, when grandpa tells that awkward joke at Thanksgiving or your aunt says something about “those people,” and you politely inform them that they’re talking about your friends.

Or maybe it’s years from now, when you’re at work, and you’re the one who asks, “Do we really have all the voices and viewpoints we need at this table?”  …..……

No matter what you do, the point is to never be afraid to talk about these issues, particularly the issue of race, because even today, we still struggle to do that….”  here

I have encountered a few of “those folks” and they weren’t around my dinner table.  Those “old prejudices” they cling to were Liberal Democrats who had no tolerance for views, except their own.  These are the people who think “they have all the answers” and are demanding we accept them.  These ARE the people who “never heard any other viewpoints”.  Intolerance to hear, much less listen, to Conservatives, who they continue to falsely classify as “racist”, “bigots”, “homophobia” and “intolerant” because it fits their political agenda.  Those are the people in your political Party, Mrs. Obama.

Michelle and her husband, Barrack Hussein  Obama are part of that ‘intolerant Left’.  In fact, they’re the current Spokesmen. Those with closed eyes and ears to all who are not part of their radical political leanings.  And there she was, at a graduation of young, impressionable high school students, pushing her racist agenda…. the evil, bigoted white people they have encountered or do encounter, right at their own dinner table? Seriously?  Is that an appropriate or fitting speech for graduation?

After this ceremony, was she hoping these kids would give a talking down to Nana  and Gramps right after the ice cream sundae?  “Those people”, Michelle?  Are you insinuating that black folks are the only ones receive condemnation?  Or are you wagging your finger at “those people” who listen to Fox News and conservative radio, to get accurate reporting?  Michelle, you’re the awkward joke, because no one had the nerve to tell you to shut up.

Let me ask you, Mrs. Obama, when you’re at work… well, you don’t, so how about when your in the White House, do you ever ask, “Do we really have all the voices and viewpoints we need at this table?”  Do you suggest there be Conservative voices you and yours could listen to?  Or do you and Barack surround yourself with Liberal clanging drums from dawn til dusk?  Do you listen to FNC to hear what’s  really being said, or read accounts from Media Matters biased reporting?  Where are those “other viewpoints” you rattled on about — no where, is where.  You and Barack and the current White House don’t entertain ricethose viewpoints at all.

We have the first black President and First Lady, and you continue to dwell and harangue over racism?  Did you speak up when  former U.S. Secretary of State  Condoleezza Rice was lied about and senTim Scottforce to not speak at Rutgers?  Where you outraged?  No, you were dead silent because . . . Secretary Rice is a Republican. What about the slanderous statements poured out by Democrats about Justice Clarence Thomas?  Nope, you were silent then too because he has Conservative viewpoints. Then what about the first black Senator from South Carolina, who’s been called an “uncle Tom” and worse by Democrats?  Did you denounce them?  No, you did not because Scott is a Republican.

You seem to have very controlled and confined rage regarding race.  So much so, that it’s not even about race …… but politics.  Political bigotry.

Yes, you say that we, the Conservatives , Republicans and Independents should “never be afraid to talk about these issues, particularly the issue of race”. You forgot you add —  IF you don’t mind the intolerant Liberal calling you a racist and bigot for having a slightly different view on “affirmative action”.  Because Liberals have made it clear that the only tolerance and diversity they’ll accept is agreement of their radical views.  All else is maligned, scoffed at and called a variety of names.  No one else is offered a voice at the table, unless they have very thick skin and are certain they can find another job , like the Mozilla CEO.

We’re living a “painful history” right now, Mrs. Obama.  Painful due to the political agenda of your husband and his regime.  Painful due to his ignoring of laws.  Painful due to the agenda of his corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder, who sues states trying to protecting their citizens and drops convictions of the Black Panthers, because they’re black.  Painful due to the ‘keep racism alive’ attitude that you and yours preach at every opportunity.  Where’s the gratitude of living in a free country instead of the barbarism going on in Africa, where boys are burned alive and girls kidnapped and sold into slavery?  Gratitude that those high grads are living in a nation where they have opportunity, like you did, to become wealthy and work without prejudice.

Oh yes, better to preach about racism and not gratitude and hope for a bright future.  That follows your agenda.



3 comments on “Michelle Obama Preaching A Racist Agenda To High School Grads Was A Bit Scurrilous

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  2. NaLonni M.
    July 24, 2014

    Seriously? Oook.


    • RightyPunditry
      July 25, 2014

      Yes, since graduation should be a time to celebrate, not push your personal, political, race driven agenda.


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