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# I Support Pathetic Gestures Because I’m An Emotionally Driven Liberal

mich_obama_useless9Ann Coulter:  “These idiots think a hashtag is some major policy initiative,” said Coulter. “How about Michelle Obama having a hashtag ‘I’m married to an idiot?’”  Host Sean Hannity asked Coulter if she believed Obama should send in the U.S. military to help Nigeria secure the release of the kidnapped girls.

“It’s kind of a pathetic gesture when we can’t even protect our own ambassador,” she replied in reference to the terror attack in Benghazi. “You can’t take these case by case.”

Coulter also noted Democrats don’t mind “American women weeping for their sons” as long as U.S. military intervention doesn’t boost American interests.

Coulter lamented the decline of American power in the world and placed the blame squarely at Obama’s feet.  “It’s utterly pathetic and embarrassing,” she said. “This guy Obama has done to America in eight years what it took 100 years to happen to the British empire.”   Read more  here

I don’t Twitter and can barely stand Face Book.  Social Media is not just a waste of time but a disintegration of a culture — ours.  “Following” a person, in particular total strangers who are “celebrities”, is pathetic.  But the desire to the “followed” is horrifically narcissistic.

mich_obama_useless8Not at all surprising that Mrs Barack, Michelle Obama, with her oh- so- sad- face jumped into social media to draw attention…. to herself, as much as kids in a Muslim controlled country, whose own government had done little to nothing about these terrorist or kidnapping.  Kidnappings  in Africa. Terrorist Muslims who bragged about selling the girls into “slavery”, which I hope didn’t go unnoticed.  The same terrorists group, Boko Haram, which has been murdering and torturing Christians for years.  NO hashtags were ever sent out by Mrs. O, to draw attention about that.

Coulter is correct.  All this hashtaging (I grew up learning and understanding that this is the ‘number’ sign) business is designed to make people, who do  literally nothing about a situation, make themselves feel better — as if they had done something.  It’s stupid.  It’s pathetic.  It’s a grand ‘look- at- me’ moment of nothingness for the lazy and otherwise, unconcerned.  It’s a pablumic gesture of making oneself, feel important and involved.  Do these fools think the terrorist group, Boko Haram, will look at their Twitter accounts and recoil in horror?  Possibly Barack and Michelle should Unfriend them  on Face Books and truly get a positive reaction.


mich_obama_useless7Self seeking foolishness.  How pathetic that we have a First Lady groveling over this stupidity.  Then I must ask — where were the hashtags over the America tragedy of Islamic terrorists murdering Americans in Benghazi?!  Oh yeah, there weren’t any.  Nothing to see there…. move along.

But this is the culture we’re living in, where doing nothing is applauded.  Concern over non- American interest is wonderful… send in the troops! …. so Americans will forget about the scandals of Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, illegals in American being release in a huge Federal Prison break orchestrated by the mich_obama_useless4Obama regime, and a slew of other scandals perpetrated by this regime.  Distraction — “hey Dude, that was 2 years ago” their way out of everything they want ignored.

Hopeful, more than the intelligent Conservative will see through this useless fraud.  Hopefully there is still ‘life’ in American culture.  I’m not so sure.

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