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Don’t Call Bradly Manning Bradly On The PC Police Will Get’ya

manningThe Pentagon is trying to transfer convicted national security leaker Pvt. Chelsea Manning to a civilian prison where she (HE) can get treatment for a gender-identity condition. But her (HIS) lawyer said Wednesday that a move from a military prison would make Manning choose between the treatment and her (his) safety.  Manning entered the Army as a man named Bradley”. here

The Veterans Administration is literally, making our vets die, while they’re forced to wait months to be seen by a doctor.  The Obama regime has allowed convicted criminals such as murderers, rapist and other deviates, walk free while “waiting for deportation” (chuckle chuckle) . . . all because of a shortage of money, it says.  Possibly the billions wasted in the IRS could have been diverted?  Who really needs a $1200 chair and a million dollar party? Perhaps that makes it easier to politically target innocent American citizens?

So while American’s continue to get screwed by our Federal government, as it wastes trillions of dollars in Obama’s Personal Slush Fund for Democrats, we the taxpayers, are being force to pay for this mentally ill male to have drug and surgery to become a female.  What doesn’t make sense here?

This is the Disease of Liberalism.  All their beliefs are back-asswards and wrong.  Christian individuals, groups, churches and organizations are persecuted by this regime; the Obama IRS has targeted groups and individuals with whom Democrats have ideological differences; there’s been no accountability, no resignations and no firings for the scandals and corruption in this Federal government.  Yet the radical Liberal has no problem providing OTM (other people’s money) to spend on an emotionally bankrupt and highly disturbed man who committed treason.  What must we be doing for our enemies in Gitmo?  Spas?  Sensitivity training for guards?  Why, I believe so……

tebowHere’s an idea.  Tell Mr. Pfc Manning, “no”.  If he wanted to become a female, he should have saved his money from a legitimate job and paid for it himself.  It’s not the taxpayers obligation to indulge his sick fantasy.  Choosing to believe you’re suppose to be another gender, is delusional.  A delusion applauded by Liberalism, just as being “openly gay” is a time to rejoice, but thanking God publicly is scorned and mocked.  Liberalism loves abortion on demand, including for gender choice, and ridicules those who believe in God-given life and that marriage has a definition, which is not a union between two guys or two gals.

And to make matters worse, we’re told to call Badly… Chelsea.  That won’t be happening here.  I choose to live in the world of reality, not some make believing, 3 year old imaginings of fairy dust and unicorns.  Poor Pfc Manny would have a happier existence, were he to do the same.


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