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Arizona Democrat Invites Illegals To Capitol Hill To Retort Demands To Obama


(CNSNews.com) – To mark May Day last week, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) invited people who are in the country illegally to Capitol Hill where they released a list of executive orders they believe President Barack Obama should put in place, including stopping all deportations and bringing back deportees who have family here.

(they) – six illegal aliens and an immigration attorney – that released a list of 14 things Obama could do (according to legal scholars they consulted with) to provide amnesty to millions without congressional approval.

“We insist that the timing [of the executive orders] be immediate and the scope be as broad and bold as possible,” a summary of the commission’s findings states.

The 14 recommended executive orders include:  here

What a delightful, intelligent idea.  No surprise,  that it was a desperate Democrat who had the vision to offer such a rather vile invitation to criminals, all the while, ignoring American citizens who are by a vast majority, against “amnesty”… by any name.   Possibly next on Capitol Hill, will be Al Qaeda, Hamas or Boko Haram to belch up their grievances toward our dear leader?  Since Barack Hussein Obama was for the Constitution before he was against it, he could easily continue to ignore what displeases his personal self and declare these groups ally’s and loan  give them money to fight the “evil West”.

Stop deportation?  If these dolt illegals were informed, they’d know, this regime is and hasn’t been deporting, but playing with numbers.  Democrats are looking for voters, illegals, frauds or who and whatever, to steal more elections, so deportations is not on the regimes lists of things to do.  Wake up and smell, the Voter ID photo’s, ladies and gents.  Why do you think Americans are in favor of them?

I’m sure Rep. Raul was very proud of himself.  It’s hard to find a Democrat  who will even attempt to stand up on principle and law… not when the ‘good of the Party’ and radicalism, must come first.  Those folks should have been rounded up and arrested.  Allow our law and courts to work it out…. and detain them.  But in any case, they’re better treated than ‘illegal’ Americans in Mexico.

You have to be insane or an idiot, to vote for a Democrat.  You do so at the demise of your own well-being.



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