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Will The Uncaring Democrats Boycott The Benghazi Select Committee On “Partisan” Grounds?

hillary clintonWill our illustrious, pontificating Democrats, boycott the Republican lead Select Committee , whose job it is to get the fact surrounding the murders and abandonment of our people in Benghazi?  (here)

Nah, I don’t think so. They’ll eagerly rush to any TV and microphone, to have another opportunity to tell Americans, why this is all a “phony scandal” and we already have the answers.  In more simple terms, they’ll continue to lie and throw up road blocks to protect themselves, Obama and Queen Hillary.

The dishonesty of these loud mouthed Democrats, is beyond disturbing, for ‘elected’ Representatives.  They have no interest in exposing the horrendous flaws in their regime...  cover ups are ignored and mocked, which facts have thus far, proved.  We don’t have many answers.  Just misdirection and redacted documents from the White House, CIA and State Department. Where was Obama during the attack?  No one knows; he won’t say. Why wasn’t tactical support sent immediately?  No, answer except for guff.  Why did Hillary remove security and deny more when requested?  “What difference, at this point, does it make?!!” is a vile ‘answer’, from this incompetent, unqualified woman, Hillary Clinton.

Democrats decry the investigation as “partisan” — could be, since NO Democrats are even interested.  Just as they’re not interested in resolving the corruption in the IRS, the Department of (In)Justice under Eric Holder, what transpired in ‘Fast and Furious ‘ scandal and a slew of other question about this darkly, covered Democrat administration.  Full coverup mode has been in operation since day one of Obama’s White House.

pelosi_obamoI just as soon no Democrats participated.  They disallowed Republicans to speak or take part under the lack- of- true – “leadership” when Queen Pelosi was running things in the House of Representatives.  The same things is now transpiring under the corrupt, lying “leadership” of Sen. ‘dirty’ Harry Reid in the Senate.  Make them shut up awhile and listen to the truth.  It’ll be fun, if nothing else, to watch them boil and explode like a bug in a microwave.


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