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“What Would Jesus Do” Regarding Nigeria Kidnappers?

I just listened to a little pontificating from a “conservative” talk show host on a local  radio show.  He was going over the horrors of those African girls who’ve been kidnapped by ‘radical’ muslim kidnappersMuslims.

He asked a question: “What would Jesus want us to do? What does God want us to do?” as if we should jump up, scream ‘praise the Lord” and send in our people to try to find and rescue these kids.  The U.S. is $17 trillion in debt; money we’re borrowing from communist China.  Are we willing to spends millions and possibly/ probably lose more America lives in such an attempt?

My instinct say NO.  This didn’t happen in America or even a friendly country.  Possibly, if Nigeria want ed to pay up front, what America would be spending, I would say we could consider it. . . . and none of my response is grounded in this being black kids in Africa, so get over your racism.

This is a horror taking place in a Muslim controlled country with a Muslim welcoming government.  It should be of no surprise, that this has happened. These ‘radical’ Muslims have been murdering non- muslim, “Christians” and anyone standing in their way, for a long, long time.  These are the worse barbarians since Genghis Khan. Their ideology is to kill and control, which is not just a religious agenda, but a political one.  It won’t change unless and until, these barbarians are annihilated from earth.  I don’t see our can’t- we- all- be- friends government taking the needed action, to stop these people, as we did with Japan.  Japan got it’s mind straight after WWII, did it not.

As for “What would Jesus do?”, first let’s be clear.  We look and pray to God the Father, through Jesus the Christ.  Prayers are not to be directed to the Son, as the Bible makes clear.

So, what would God have us do?

First, just possibly — banning abortions.  I know even ‘conservatives’ can say, it should be left to the States to decide and not the Federal government nor the less- than- Supreme Court.  But God is against it — abortion is murder of the innocent and brings condensation.  After we’ve murdered 500 million plus, what do you think God’s response would be?

God also tells us we’re not to lie, especially in a court of law.  Don’t lie; don’t slander your neighbor. When we have those in power, as our elected representative, Presidents and his administration (or regimes), lie as a matter of course to the American people, it can  and commands not suggestiondoes often go with little consequences.  Especially when told by Democrats (sorry, just the facts). God must hand out judgement. He’s no fool.

Pornography, pedifillia, adultery, fornication and homosexuality are also on God’s list of things not to do.  This brings judgment against the individual (diseases among them) as well as the country endorsing and accepting such ungodly behavior.  We need more tsk- tsking and less acceptance as a nation.

Maybe these would be a better starting points, than pondering if God wants our time, talent, manpower, fiances and resources in Africa, when Nigeria is doing little to help itself and it’s people!

We also just had this government ignore communism invading the sovereign countries of Georgia and Ukraine.  We had a treaty to protect both of theses country’s and Obama did nothing.  We have no such treaty or agree with Nigeria.  And they are continuing to breed new radical Islamist.  But I’m not sure Obama cares anymore about Nigeria than he does persecuting Christians in this country… so this could all be irrelevant.

We have no obligation to spend a fortune in a country that isn’t an ally.  And one held under Islamist rule.  Until the nations see the evil they live by, reject Islam and seek the true God, their lot in life will get no better. What we need to send to Africa, the middle East, most of Europe, as well as Michigan and all of America are – missionaries for Christ.  We, as individuals and a country, could also pray for those kidnapped children . . . which cost nothing by time.  Until evil is beaten back by an inter relationship with God . . . the world will continue down this path of hate, evil and ungodliness. Most of which is well endorse by he Democrat Party.

5 comments on ““What Would Jesus Do” Regarding Nigeria Kidnappers?

  1. Brittius
    May 7, 2014

    Reblogged this on Brittius.com.


  2. Jason P. Brennar
    May 8, 2014

    When you claim that abortion brings God’s condensation, what exactly are you saying?

    A) aborting unwanted fetuses causes general cloudiness, fog and rain?


    • RightyPunditry
      May 8, 2014

      Consider you’re rude comment, you deserve no Reply. Anyone who doesn’t ‘believe’ in an all powerful, all knowing, creator God, has already closed his mind to Truth.


      • Jason P. Brennar
        May 8, 2014

        I sincerely apologize and no rudeness was intended. Sometimes my humor is misunderstood by others and admittedly it can be coarse. I was simply referring to what I see as a consistent pattern of grammatical and spelling errors which, given the nature of your blog and the fact that I enjoy reading it, might serve to take credibility away from the Truth you are speaking.


      • RightyPunditry
        May 8, 2014

        Pardon my imperfections. Limited time, and possibly talent… what I do is for myself and personal ‘entertainment’.
        Thank you for the apology though.


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