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Media Continues The Path Of Magpie’ing Drones

(ABC’s drone) also relayed the administration’s “excitement” corrupt presidentover its agenda: “I spent the whole day here at the White House, and the President and the staff tell me they’re most excited about this, because they think it’s going to help people plan and respond to disasters.”

CBS, meanwhile, devoted three segments to the peril of climate change, heralding extreme droughts in Texas and flooding in Miami. “No region of the country will be spared,” Major Garrett ominously declared.

NBC furthered the White House narrative as correspondent Peter Alexander hyped the consequences for the new generation: “If the projections are right, newborn Nia Codrington at Brooklyn’s Maimonides Hospital will witness big environmental changes during her lifetime.” Alexander added that rising sea levels could bring “a lifetime of potentially dramatic changes for Nia Codrington and a new generation.”  Read more: here

Our corrupt, biased “news” media is continuing down the path of dutiful Drones of the Democrat Party.  There are few to none, that can honestly call themselves reports.  They’ll raised to be Liberal magpies, repeating talking points for the DNC and who comfortably snuggle up the hindquarters of Barack Hussein Obama.

There reason the “White House”/ Obama are “excited”, is to get the media talking about anything except the Obama Depression, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandals and Benghazi where men were left to be slaughter… by intent.  So out comes the old worn play book: global- baloney, soon to be followed again by some phony ‘war on women’ and who hasn’t paid their taxes.  There real question is: how would the corrupt, squirrel Democrat Sen. Harry Reid know what paid their taxes?  That’s NOT his business nor can he find out… legally!

What an easy, cousy job.s they have.  Reading script supplied by Media Matters, the DNC, any Democrat and the White House, and then arrogantly carrying around the title of report.  There should be a system in place to hold these drones accountable.  Too many low information people believe the bile they regurgitate.

Again, facts prove and have proved for decades, that there is no “man made global warming, climate change”.  It’s all created by Liberals for Liberals — it’s a political agenda of control over American.  (small, short list of some:  here)   More facts:  here

The climate hoaxers, much of which do so knowingly and are therefore, shameless liars with souls embedded in Socialism and dictatorships.  They should be called such. The truly ignorant ones are the real “flat eathers”.

Republicans in office must do a better job in speaking out the truth and facts, and do so without fear of the repercussion which will come from evil people which an agenda.  Republicans have the microphone that the majority does not.  Liberals don’t care about the truth or facts, which is discouraging, but it must be bodily and loudly proclaimed.  Lies must be repudiated and those propagating them, simply and honestly, called the liars they are.

And we would be well advise to consider that our weather, could be a refection of America’s ungodliness.  Millions of innocent babies aborted, liars in government and courtrooms and those hostile to all mighty God, are not pleasing in His sight.  Egypt had plagues sent.  Are we to think we’re any better?

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