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Memo To “Religion Haters”: “Grow Up”

supremecourtIn the majority opinion he issued today on public prayer, Justice Anthony Kennedy made a number of arguments with serious implications for religious liberty in the United States.

His opinion and the coincident opinions of Justices Alito and Thomas and the dissenting opinions by Justices Breyer and Kagan all deserve close scrutiny. Religious liberty is the foundation of all other liberties, and any time the Supreme Court speaks about it, all Americans should listen carefully.

“Our tradition assumes that adult citizens, firm in their own beliefs, can tolerate and perhaps appreciate a ceremonial prayer delivered by a person of a different faith,” he argues. In other words, rather than wear your religious beliefs and cultural mores like touch-sensitive antennae, act enough like an adult that you don’t take offense unnecessarily or easily.

With respect to public prayer, Justice Kennedy writes:   … the reasonable observer is acquainted with this tradition and understand that its purposes are to lend gravity to public proceedings and to acknowledge the place religion holds in the lives of many private citizens, not to afford government an opportunity to proselytize or force truant constituents into the pews …”

In other words, respect, decency, civility, and self-control are assumed in a nation that is not only diverse in its religious composition (although the overwhelming majority profess some form of Christian faith) but also composed of self-governing men and women who have the common sense not to take offense too readily. Just Need to Grow Up  here

Justice Kennedy certainly hit the crux.  Atheist and many proud, ‘tolerant’ Liberals I’ve met, heard, read or have the vexation to be a family member, have no tolerance for pubic prayer or any “religion” being in the pubic fore, like a Nativity on the City Hall lawn.  Oh the horror, right?  And they start chanting “separation of church and state!!” as if that were branded on the bottom of our Left foot at birth.  It ain’t.

It’s also useless to tell these drones, that the Constitution guarantees Americans the right to practice their ‘religious beliefs’ without the interference of the State (government: Federal, local or state).  They usually continue to scream the “separation” clause, refusing to listen or understand it’s meaning.  But it remains clear, government does disallow “religion” within government!  Just the oppose is true.  Godly, honest men are the best men to have in government, which our Founders realized.

It was still surprising that this Supreme Court came to the correct decision; just as it was of no surprise that the anti- correct, anti- God, anti- religion Democrats, snarled at the decision, as they did the correct decision to allow a State to dump Affirmative Action on it’s racist foundation.

Atheist, Liberals and those who put themselves above God are likely all twisted up, unwilling in their intolerance, to allow God to be acknowledge, thanked and appreciated in a public form, via a prayer or invocation.  Shame on their intolerance and ignorance and may God show mercy on their souls.


5 comments on “Memo To “Religion Haters”: “Grow Up”

  1. Brittius
    May 6, 2014

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  2. robinobishop
    May 6, 2014

    Supposing loosely that “Atheists and many proud, ‘tolerant’ Liberals” have some corner on intolerance, that these folks are “drones” (mindless attackers) is the antithesis of the message from the majority of the Supremes with Kennedy. From a point of history, what makes men honest is not necessarily that they wear God on their sleeves and certainly not they are Tea partiers or merely Republicans (as opposed to Independents or Democrats). too often I have seen religion in Congress in the worst way. My first Presidential vote cast was for the Quaker Nixon.

    The “anti- correct, anti- God, anti- religion Democrats”: would that be anybody in particular on that side of the aisle. The public is not so persuaded by words alone.


    • robinobishop
      May 6, 2014

      You seem to be something of a Jeffersonian. don’t you think it fitting for our day that a Deist should pen the Constitution that found the political middle ground, guarding the country from the tyranny from the other side?


      • RightyPunditry
        May 6, 2014

        No. This has been settled by the Supreme Court twice now. Saying a prayer, etc., doesn’t “infringe” on anyone’s writes to be listen, read or be bother by the Truth. Just the way it’s always been… and the fact that the nation was founded on godly principle and an understanding of God.


    • RightyPunditry
      May 6, 2014

      No, not that they “wear God on their sleeves” or anywhere else, but in the soul. That’s the only place He’s relevant. He can’t effect men’s minds, thoughts and actions on their sleeves…. and the Founders were aware of such. As Thomas Paine said, “government is a necessary evil”, but a nation that is to last and work for citizens, needs to elect the best and the best are Godly men, who respect the Bible. That’s just the facts — as clearly seen in the slow demise of the U.S. the last 60 – 70 yr or so, as the rot of Liberalism spreads like a disease, that it is.
      It takes way to long to list all the horrendous anti- correct, decisively wrong Democrat there are… just start at the top and go down the list.


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