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Syrian Muslims Murder/ Crucify Christians Who Refuse To Convert To Islam

killed by muslimsThis is the real story of what’s happening in Syria. A Croatian reader wrote this to me: “I am not sure if you have someone who can translate this from Croatian into English but this Catholic site is the only one reporting on what is happening in Syria vis-a-vis Islamists slaughter of Christians. This article talks of the crucifixion of two Christians youths who refused to convert to Islam at the point of the gun.”

Obama is backing these savages. Christians were safe under Assad. Obama is supporting the jihadists’ ethnic cleansing of religious minorities.  Islamists have been crucified and the other gruesome ways of killing Christians who refused to renounce faith” here

And not even a whisper of this in the America ‘news’ media?  I haven’t seen it reported, not even on FNC.  Maybe it’s just too politically incorrect , or perhaps I missed the story.  But then again, we all know American’s are a bunch of barbarians that would retaliate and murder innocent Muslims.  Oh, oops, that hasn’t ever happened, although the Liberals wait breathless to report such.

This is happening throughout the middle east and Africa.  Reports of Muslims murdering non- muslims because they’re non- muslim.  I suppose theses people never question why the god they worship demands so much violence, especially since there is no guaranteed redemption for this Muslim.  I wish they all could know Christ and leave the hate at the mosque.

What a world we live in.  When we’re told by the elites we must respect Islam, while those telling us that, makes laws (as in obamacare) to punish Christians beliefs.

America is changing and it’s not for the good.  We’ve lost our morals compass, as Liberalism and communism demand separation from God  and godly principles in every area.


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