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Republicans Continue Along Path of Snatching Defeat From Jaws Of Victory With “Immigration Reform” Proposals

joe bartonTexas Rep. Joe Barton must have been reading the new polling data this week that shows Republicans are headed for victory in November. Like any good establishment Republican, Barton could not let our prospective victory go unanswered and is seeking a way to stifle Republican turnout. What better way to accomplish “victory” than by introducing comprehensive amnesty legislation?

Joe Barton plans to file his bill this week, but he refuses to call it amnesty. After all, he claims, there is no pathway to citizenship.  here

The Republican Party has become a rather disgusting wonderment, who’s leadership, under the failed Speaker John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell, leaves one assuming they must have taken their cue from Obama’s “leading from behind” mantra.  These people are engrained with the “inside the beltway”, “establishment” mind think of the Party elite.  It’s gotten so pathetic, that they’ve openly spit on the base of their own Party the Conservatives.  This all in the hope of wooing illegals and so called Independents to place them in office.  They’re too vacant minded to understand that these are the reason Mitt Romney and John McCain lost.

The American people do not want amnesty.  Polls have proved that, over and over again. Call it “a path to citizenship” or “immigration reform”, we’re not all uninformed Liberals and know it’s amnesty, Sen. Rubio and Rep. Barton.  We know the “dog whistles” that both Party’s spew out.  Amnesty is amnesty is amnesty ….. and it’s another evil facing Americans.

illegalsWe don’t need any ridiculous “path to citizenship”.  We already have one. It’s called the Law.  But enforcing that Law regarding those illegally encroaching on American soil, seems to be something neither of these political Party elites, want to do.  And most of us know the reason why:  money and votes.  The Democrats and way too many in the Republican Party are little more than political prostitutes, selling out Americans, the Constitution and our Laws, for money in their campaigns coffers and voters.

illegals1If the Democrats believed for a moment that the uneducated, uncaring- of- our- laws- illegals would vote for Republicans, they’d have the borders sealing with mortar fire in a heart beat.  The Republicans, evidently, are too gullible to see the fake Voter ID writing on the wall.  The majority of the illegals flooding our border, want big government freebies, provided by working American citizens.  They’ll vote for the Socialist Democrats and literally give America, one Party rule.

Representative Barton has fallen into the fools list and should be shamed and voted out of office.  People this obtuse within our government, have no place in our government.  It’s bad enough and sad enough, we have the Socialist Democrats destroy our founding principles. But we now have to deal with idiot Republicans joining in their evil folly.



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