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Race Baiting, Race Hustlers, Racism, “White Guilt”? . . . “What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make”?!

Here we go again.  The Liberals are having a good month, as they literally live for the sterl gal palopportunity to scream “RACIST!!” and make demands,which end up with them having access to a microphone, a teleprompter or cash stuffed in their pockets.  Their demands are rooted in fascism as is their radical ideology.

The saying is that the “fish rots from the head down”. . . that being said, Barack Hussein Obama is forever jumping in when he thinks he can make racial division the headline of the day.  As with his friend Henry Gates, Obama blamed the “white cop” when he had absolutely no understanding of what transpired.  But he got his cronies talking racism in America.

He jumped in to defend the punk expelled from school for having drugs (again), Trayvon Martin, who was unfortunately responsible for his own demise.  Obama even went to far as to say “he could have been me” — so Obama was expelled from school for repeated drug usage and attacking innocent people, we should ask? Then he goes on to say, ” ….. I said that this could have been my son” . .  so now, his son would have been expelled from school for repeated drug usage and attack folks? What else can we assume?

OK, so the point is, Obama inserts himself into any area where he can make political – race-baiting points, which he will in the “black community”, who are lov’n their “Obama phones!!”.  Not so much with the thinking public paying for those free phones.

And we must note: as Obama touts how “incredibly offensive,” he thinks some white are — the same man has yet to demand accountability for Fast And Furious (over 200 people were murdered), Benghazi (where America’s were murdered), the IRS which is still to this day, hiding the facts and “targeting” Conservatives groups and his absolutely corrupt AG Eric Holder.  No, he has little to nothing to say after his initial “uh umm” on the matters.  Years later and zero has been said, no one fired, no one held accountable.  But ole Don Sterling, owner of the Clippers, is a magnanimous importance and must be publicly scourged by our brave dear leader?  Why?

Granted some things said by the Liberal billionaire, Democrats donating Sterling could be seen as racism . . . but . . . did he commit a crime?  A felony?  Is Doeth Not Offendeth Thou Others in those 613 Commandments (yeah, it’s more than 10)?  Being rude, racist or bigoted now an Official Demand that said offender lose his job,as Mozilla Chief Executive Brendan Eich, when he was forced to leave his job for a political donation?  Is this what we want America to become?  Is that freedom of speech, freedom of thought or fascism?

Sterling owns a private basketball team; he’s no a politician, representing thousands of people.  He doesn’t make laws to force on other citizens.  He made his comments in a private conversation with a rather ugly (rude ugly) gal pal, when her intentions were to ‘get him’.  She did, but she also broke the law in doing so and I suspect she’ll be sued.

As with Cliven Bundy (who I still asset is not “racist” nor said anything racist, regardless of the empty headed blathering of even so called conservatives, who deemed in necessary to dump on the man) and as with Sterling, some stupid things were said, which by no means indicated that either of these two men should be public destroyed to ease some phony ‘white guilt’, as dictated by Liberals.  Sterling’s comments were more grounded in a racist view, but so what?  Is it not his rights to hold whatever views he wants?  Conforming is necessarily a good thing; being forced to conform or face tyranny is dictatorial fascism.  We also hear a lot of “racism” comments and “hate speech” from Liberals… directed a Conservatives.  Liberals never blink an eye.

Obama, as with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and a horde of other race hustlers in and out of government, they make hay while the sun is shinning.  If the sun isn’t shinning, they create racism scenarios to push.

People in America have the right to hold whatever asinine views they wish to hold, if not, Democrats would all been driven out of the public scene, long ago.  prejudice or racism, like other human failings, isn’t a good quality, but it doesn’t require public floggings either.  If it does require someone losing their livelihood, going to jail or being tared and feathered, let me see the law.

Individuals have the right, not obligation, to not attend the Clippers games.  The players have a legal contract to play, so they should do so, or be held accountable.  So how about this — grow up.  Pretend to be big boys, put on your little uniforms and do the job you’re paid millions of dollars to do.  And in the process you can show Sterling you’re a better man than he is.  And please don’t forget, I’ve heard more than one of you esteemed, self aggrandized black athletics say that you “hate white people”.  Remember?

Same could be said for Obama and his 2 cents.  Start talking about Benghazi, Fast and Furious and IRS and all the other “phoney scandals” you ignore are our expense.  I’m not buying into the white guilt that you radical Democrats are propagating… I have no guilt.  Never owned slaves, never treated anyone in a ‘racist’ context, although I can say I’ve been on the other side of that racist prejudice from some in your ‘black community’.  I figured I was a better person, moved along and forgot it.  We could all do with a does of that.

There used to be a saying, “Live and Let Live”.  We spend way to much time discussing the personal failing of private individuals, when more could be gained by looking at the people we elect.  Their views matter because they effect every American and people throughout the world.  Not so with Sterling, who’ll be forgot as soon as the race hustlers and race-baiters find another victim to sink their teeth and wallets into.





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