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“Government Assistance” Is Just Another Form Of Slavery

In February 2009, the sanctimonious, race driven Attorney General Eric Holder said, “Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards.…”  One of the few things I could agree with Holder on, because it’s been a political tactic of the Left (which is a “dog whistle”/ code term for Liberal/ Democrats/ Socialist) to SHUT UP their political opposition by intimidation and bullying tactics.

Any none- Liberal- drone is immediately called racist for any utterance which doesn’t pass their approval.  Sadly this same approach has been accepted and picked up by many calling themselves Conservatives.

government planationUsing the word “negro” in unacceptable, at least when used by the unacceptable- white- none- Liberal.  Referring to black Americans who have the misfortune (as it should be understood) of living in government housing, Welfare, etc., etc., is condoned as being racist.  Just a few decades ago, there was shame and embarrassment associated with being on Welfare or ‘government assistance’.  The fact is Welfare and ‘government assistance’ was (supposedly) established, to be a stepping stone to independence and self sufficiency  . . . but Democrats have successfully worked for decades to make it something to be proud of.  An acceptable life style of its own.

It is also tagged as racist to make any comparison to slavery and the those people living on the ‘government plantation’.  I protest.

gov_slaverySlavery, which has been part of practically every county and continent in the world, was and is — not a good thing.  Enslaving people, who God created to live freely in their own existence, is wrong and ungodly.  I can’t image the despair people over the last thousands of years, that people have endured being slaves in Rome, Greece, Africa  . . . or America. Depending on owners to provide housing and food in return for forced labor, must be a depressing existence without justice or normal human, compensations.

I believe I understood the point Cliven Bundy was attempting to make.  A point he obviously botched up and badly made . . . to the point of not making it!  But he is an aging 70 something year old man.  And I was about equally appalled at the dunderheads who saw nothing but a “racist!” as they pontificated their disgust.  Some ill spoken, poorly made comments should not make anyone racist . . . after all, where’s that “conversation” Holder was so anxious for?

Liberalism, lead by the Democrat Party, has successful ‘enslaved’ millions of black Americans (as well as white and brown) on the Government Plantation, by their enslaving policies. (Policies intended to make those people keep voting for Democrats — which it has.) Democrats have made it an acceptable life style choice to live on the ‘government plantation’, where it was created to be a stepping stone to independence.  Not a crutch to be passed on from one generation to the next, which it is.  Where poverty has been accepted as “not MY fault”, education is shunned and mocked and selling drugs to children an everyday occurrence.

It’s a fact those in such poverty riddle situation have aborted millions of their children, as a result of immoral choices.  Pregnancy from different males, who take no responsible for their actions,  except enjoying 3 minutes with a willing or unwilling female.  Children with no fathers is rampant in the ‘black community’, as statistics prove.  A horribly sad static where is part of living on ‘government assistance’ and non- freedom.  (“Blacks struggle with 72 percent unwed mothers rate” here )

The Jesse Jackson’s and the Al Sharpton’s of America don’t do enough condemning of immorality, as they do preaching hate and demanding money.  They’re professional race hustles, who become infamous and wealthy by a lot of phony racist claims. They’ve done irrefutable harm to black American’s. They hate the success story like Justice Clarence Thomas, Col. Allen West or Dr. Ben Carson — to name a very few. Why is that?  Because these are people who followed the right path, educated themselves, worked hard and  . . . succeeded . . . without government providing an existence for them.  Race hustlers make money by keeping their own ‘people’, hooked on government assistance.  That is not freedom; that is just another form of slavery.  That is what I believe Mr. Bundy was attempting to say but put so poorly.

(Why Do Blacks Still Buy The Government Plantation Lie?  here
and a book by Star Parker, Uncle Sam’s Planation  here ). This article and the book, were written long before Cliven Bundy’s comments the other day.  And I’m sure the authors were called racist, just as Ms. Parker was called an ‘Oreo’ or other derogatory terms for not lining up with the Democrats talking points.

And Eric Holder wondered why Americans are “cowards” for not having more discussions on race?  No, Holder wasn’t asking a question.  He was making derogatory comments against white Conservatives or Republican. . . anyone not following the Liberal mantra.  Who wants to constantly be called “racist” for speaking a view point?  It gets old, even when you know you have no prejudice running in your veins.  And it also must take some personal stamina to continue along the path you know is correct, in the face of the true intolerance and political bigotry spewed out of the mouths of the ignorant, disingenuous and intolerant.

I don’t know Bundy and whether he’s a racist or not.  But I do know the Left and their cancerous, intolerant fascism.  They are the people incapable and uninterested in “discussing race” or much else, for that matter.  They have resorted to shutting up any and all opposition, as true Fascist do.  So regardless of what Bundy was trying to say, this is what I’m saying — Democrat policies hurt people.  They keep them in poverty and ignorance by rewarding a downtrodden life style.  The proof is in the last 70 years of their policies.  Look what’s happened to Detroit under Democrat Mayors and Governors: abject poverty and personal destruction of lives.  Same for Chicago and the poor ‘black communities’ there.  People who must daily live in fear and hopelessness in their “gun free zones” — where their children are murdered by thugs with guns every day.

Slavery = bad.  Government Plantation = bad.  There is no real personal freedom in either life style.  Dependence on government housing, food, “Obama phones!” and free abortions for millions of now dead Americans, is no answer for personal success or freedom.  Freedom is self sufficiency.  Freedom takes work and it can be hard, but not working to have freedom is dependency on something else.

It is a hope and prayer that all people, whatever skin tone they reside in, would get away from the Government Plantation.  Many Americans have done it.  I hope all do, so government subsidies, government assistance and the ‘government plantation’ will no longer be needed or wanted, because it is destructive to lives and crushes true freedom.





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      April 25, 2014

      Thank you, AP. I good to see those who weren’t willing to jump to the “racist” opinion of the majority. It’s good to see I’m not alone in my assertions.


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