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Liberal Controlled Western Washington University Endorses “White” Bigotry

bigotWestern Washington University President Bruce Shepard says he’s being deliberately provocative when he says the university is too white.

The lack of diversity on college campuses is a national crisis, he says.

Most of the email and calls he receives on the issue support diversity, but some critics use hate language and racial epithets, said Shepard, who is white.

In a convocation speech, referring to the racial makeup of the university, Shepard said, “ … if in decades ahead, we are as white as we are today, we will have failed as a university.” He made a similar comment in a blog posting.  On the university’s website, he posed the question: “How do we make sure that in future years we are not as white as we are today?”

Shepard makes no apologies. “I needed to provoke some attention,” he said. “It’s really important to understand the issue facing all of American higher education and that is, our country is changing.” The university in Bellingham has about 15,000 students. here

 “… but some critics use hate language and racial epithets” — ya’ think?  Just try switching the “racial epithets” to “too black” or “too Hispaniola” and listen to the screams of indignation and financial protest of fools like Al Sharpton.  This is as vile as it gets in the darkened mind of Liberalism.  Those people who tout how “open minded” and “tolerate” they are, when that’s 180 degrees the opposite direction of the fact.

You can’t be “too white” to attend any school.  You can’t have too many “white” students — not unless you can also have too many black, Hispanic, Asian, etc .  I don’t remember seeing black colleges recruiting white students!

If you put aside prejudice, bias and bigotry, those being accepted to any institution of higher education (and I use the term loosing, as there’s not much “higher” to be found in our ‘elite’ colleges and university…. or even one never heard of before, like this WWU), everyone should be accepted on qualifications.  Test scores, grades, etc., etc.   . . . the old fashioned way — you earn it legally, you get.

I’m sure the intolerant, ignorant, biased Liberals out there will swoon over this idiot’s ideology, which is grounded in nothing more than “hate speech” and liberal intolerance of punishing certain people —  who are usually white and or Conservative.

Discrimination is wrong –– wrong to persecute anyone with, REGARDLESS of skin tone. Those people who choose not to be bigoted, should not to attend any of these schools.  Take your money elsewhere.  You do more damage to your so called education, than you can possibly imagine.


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