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Is The Entire Democrat Party Filled With Psychopaths And Socialists?

corrupt obamaThe terms psychopath and sociopath are often used interchangeably, even by mental health professionals. The symptoms are somewhat consistent between the two:   lack of conscience, no moral compass, manipulative, low range of emotions, interpersonally insensitive. The psychopath is deadly. He is well spoken, charismatic, fearless, controlling, socially potent, a habitual liar, calm to a disturbing degree in the face of chaos and cold hearted. He is a master at blaming others.

David Freeman,……. points out that though the psychopath may not feel “higher emotions” like love and guilt, they may not have actual consciences, but they study those of us who do – and “simply pretend.”

Psychologists say early signs of psychopathy include compulsive lying, blaming others for any failures or shortcomings and often torture of animals for curiosity sake. Psychopaths tend to do things to study consequences, without concern for long-term impact. I know, it sounds like most politicians today. And it probably is, not to mention any names.

As Mr. Freeman points out in his article, psychopaths make a great first impression. He points to other characteristics, too. He points to the initial popularity of Pol Pot, Hitler, Ceausescu and others, but the golden boy image quickly fades to one of a ruthless, inhumane manipulator with very dark intentions.  Read more at here

It does appear that Barack Hussein Obama fits the profile of a psychopath or sociopath . . . . . .   and we already know he’s a devoted Socialist, who worshiped at the feet of his communist mentors and Saul Alinsky.  All of these, or any one, should have been sufficient to disqualify the man as a political candidate, much less President.  They would have too, were the corrupt American Liberal presses, willing to do their vetting job.  But when it comes to Democrats, they do not.

But the terms psychopath and sociopath don’t stop with Barry Soto Barack Hussein Obama, they can easily be extended to the entirety of the corrupt Democrat Party.

As I listen to the news or read online. some easily provable,asinine lie a Democrat has said, I shake my head and wonder how these people look themselves in the mirror, without shrinking back in revulsion.  Of course, the answer is, they’ve so seared their conscience that they no longer have one.  A person, or a political party, cannot continually makes up lies and repeat those lies and have a viable conscience, working morals or any ethical standards.

Democrat Sen. Harry Reid knowingly lied about Mitt Romney (taxes and more) as he did about the millions of Americans that were greatly harmed by Obamacare.  A lie caught on video tape which a couple of weeks later, he still denied.  Nancy Pelosi — has the woman ever spoken the truth?

The list is long and I do mean long — I could spend a week of research on a a couple dozen Democrats and their lies and not even scratch the surface.  It’s not just that they’re politicians . . . these are morally corrupt people who spit in the face of Americans with their outlandish fabrications and clinch their fists at the face of God.

Corruption is something all people must look in the face and make a decision to accept, for whatever reason – politics, money, or stare down and say “No” too.  Liberalism is ground in corruption and lies.  It leads a partaker down the political path of tyranny, big government, and unfettered power.  Such people as Hitler, Castro, Stalin, Pol Pot . . . and the Clinton’s (along with many others), shook the hand of corruption as a “means to an end”.

No doubt there are corrupt Republicans.  Nixon comes to mind, but when comparing his ‘crime’ (people breaking into the democrat headquarters) it can’t compare to what the Obama regime has done to the Constitution…. and which is much more important and deadly to American’s way of life.

We accept these psychopaths and sociopaths, as we ignorantly and foolishly put them in office to ‘represent’ us.  There is an answer. . .  don’t put them in office and once there, when their lies and corrupt morals are exposed, get rid of them.  But too many American voters are lazy, stupid and ignorant, being raised on the pablum of “democrats care about the poor and Republicans care about the rich” and never inquire any further.

Being run by psychopaths and sociopaths could well be the end of America as we know it, but more than likely we’ll die the slow death of stupidity and compliance.  Voters who are too busy with the newest Ipad to notice, we’ve put Communists in our government who have stolen our liberty.


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