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“The Josiah Project” Offering To Pray With Congressional And State Legislatures

delayThe National Prayer Center is hoping to spark a nationwide revival with its new initiative to pray for and with the country’s elected officials.  The Josiah Project is named after King Josiah of Israel, who led the nation to repent and pray after finding the Book of the Law.

“He tore his clothes and was convicted before the Lord and he saw the condition of the nation, the culture of Israel was in the toilet. They had pushed God out of the public square. Does all this remind you of something?” Tom DeLay, the former Republican House majority leader who is helping the National Prayer Center head up the effort, told TheBlaze.

Rather than lobbying, prayer intercessors with the Josiah Project will approach members of Congress and state legislatures and offer to pray with and for them, DeLay explained. Chapters will be organized by their congressional districts.

“The Constitution is based upon a higher authority. This government cannot exist in the future if we give that up and put man as the higher authority,” DeLay said. “We need that higher authority and the truth that comes from that higher authority in order for us to survive. Otherwise we’ll find ourselves where we are where man gets to define what truth is and everything crumbles.”  here

Tom DeLay is a ‘good man’, as ‘good men’ go.  One little fact to back that up is his involvement now to pray with politicians, who are in dire need of Godly direction.  Another is has unmitigated success as a Congressional Leader.  So successful was he that the Democrats went above and beyond to get rid of him, permanently (literally, as Democrat District Attorney Ronnie Earle in Houston went through 12 Grand Jury’s til he found one that would indite this man.  The unjust and incorrect guilty verdict was eventually over turned, the Judge finding no evidence in the case.  Wow.  The lengths Democrats go to is frightening:Story here) . . . but I’m digressing . . . .

The only qualm I have is in Mr. DeLays wording.  It’s not a “higher authority”, which is a silly as the term “higher power”.  Come on. Either say GOD or say naught.  If God, the Lord, or Savior is offensive (and it will be), so be it.

There is no “higher authority” than the Creator God and Savior of His creation.  If anyone rejects prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ, then he has rejected all that saves mankind anyway.  Allah is non-existent (although, the devil is real… and he seeks worship); there is no other god nor gods to pray to or offer worship or sacrifices.  Not a single ‘religion’ will save a single soul.  Not one good work or special deed.  Whether Jew or gentile, pagan or heathen, whether worshiping allah or following buddha — theses prayer get you know where but hell, and certainly no answers or blessings.

Our Lord knows politicians or political leader from city government throughout the halls of the Capital, and especially within the White House, need prayer and direction.  It appears most of the time, these people are looking to their our souls for ideas and agendas instead of seeking wisdom from the wisdom giver.

‘Good luck’ and blessing, Mr. DeLay and all in the “The Josiah Project”.  I think our time might be very short to repent and turn to Him for direction.  In any case, may God direct your path and be a light unto your feet . . . and come quickly Lord Jesus.

Eph. 2:8-9 – “For BY GRACE are ye SAVED THROUGH FAITH; and that NOT OF
YOURSELVES: it is the GIFT of God: NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast.”,  Rom. 4:6-7;  Rom. 10:3 ; Rom. 5:17 ;  Rom. 5:18

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