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How To Give Taxpayers $1 Billion Dollars

REPUBLICAN GOV. WALKERYep.  Republican Gov. Scott Walker and The Tea Party grassroots participants, have been vindicate (not to OUR surprise).  Gov. Walker has saved the “blue state” (Democrat held) of Wisconsin so much money that he giving taxpayers a billion dollar cut.  This hasn’t been widely reported, if reported at all, in the corrupt, biased news media.  But it’s certainly worth knowing.


There is no need for the Federal government to put American’s in debt to the tune of over $17 trillion dollars.  This is pure selfishness from government elites who finds way to make themselves wealth on the backs of working Americans.

fleas on a dog_socialismLiberalism/ Socialism/ Communism/ Progressive — is a theft.  It can only exist and thrive by steal what others earn and stuffing that money into it’s pocket.  It wants control of the “masses”, their wallets, their liberty and ….. their ‘healthcare’.  Once again, Walker has proved that conservative principles work, every time they’re tried.  Which so infuriates the greedy, devote Liberal that they ignored, malign and deny.

Next to go to vote, remember the facts.  Vote our Liberals; Vote in principled, Constitutional Conservatives.

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  1. Brittius
    January 24, 2014

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