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Possible Psychological Damage Suffered As A Result Of Glancing At Plastic Statues!?


Offensive Nativity Scene, which was scalding the eyes of viewers, thankfully remove by “Religious Freedom” group.

The Baby Jesus has been kicked off Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina, according to an organization who relishes any opportunity to eradicate Christianity from the U.S. military.  The Military Religious Freedom Foundation praised officials at Shaw Air Force Base for removing a Nativity scene located near Memorial Lake on Friday. The traditional Nativity included plastic statues of Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus and an assortment of animals.
Apparently, an undisclosed number of Airmen were so emotionally troubled by the sight of a manger scene that they immediately notified the MRFF I can only imagine the psychological damage they must have suffered as a result of glancing at the plastic statues.

The  MRFF President Mikey Weinstein who then called his BFF’s at the Pentagon. That led to an immediate investigation and more than two hours later, the Nativity had been removed.

“To the Air Force’s credit, it agreed with MRFF’s arguments to remove the Nativity scene swiftly and apparently found this scene to be as much a violation of all the pertinent regulations and the United States Constitution as MRFF did,” he stated” full story: here

I’m really impressed with the quick respond!  Who knows how many ‘victims’ had their eyes scalded by seeing such a horrendously offensive sight as a Nativity scene.  But I can’t help but wonder, why didn’t Former SoS Hillary Clinton, respond this quickly to our Benghazi personnel and their request for addition help?  We can only wonder, I suppose. Perhaps they should have requested addition support to remove a Nativity Scene?

I never heard of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, but they’re certainly on the ball to defend us against “religious freedom” . . . I suppose?  Possibly “religious freedom”  to them, means freedom from religion, not freedom of religion, as our Constitution ensures.


American muslim terrorist and his ‘friends’ overseas.

But, it’s certainly a positive thing that we have these intolerant sorts around to keep the Air Force on the straight and narrow — which brings up questions.  Does the MRFF have an Army branch? Are they, were they, aware of the Nidal Hasan and his “radical religious views”.  His connections and contact with radical Imams and his written/ spoken desire to help his bro’s overseas (that would be “radical” Islamic terrorist)?  I suppose they didn’t want to interfere with his ‘religious freedoms’.   After all, no doubt he’d been ‘offended’.

I just hope they found a way to recycle that offensive, plastic baby Jesus.  We sure wouldn’t want that to show up in the land fill and get all the Environmental Nazi’s in a tither too.



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