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Liberal Driven Ideology And Atheism Strike At The Majority Once Again

Mount Soledad Cross ControversyA cross atop Mount Soledad in California…. U.S. District Judge Larry Burns ordered the cross, which honors veterans, must be removed within 90 days — a decision that could result in the case being sent back to the U.S. Supreme Court. Burns immediately stayed his order pending an expected appeal.

The original lawsuit was filed in 2006 by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the Jewish Veterans of the United States of American and several other Southern California residents.

Bruce Bailey,president of the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association,: “It is unfortunate that the Ninth Circuit left the judge no choice but to order the tearing down of the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross,  however, we are grateful for the judge’s stay that gives us an opportunity to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court.”   here

Mr. Bailey’s comment are very gracious.  More so than a few misinformed, disgruntled grumps.  This terrible, burdensomely offensive cross, which has successfully offended no one the last 100  years, has been on display since 1913.  Suddenly, among all the hundreds of thousands of people who have viewed the cross, a few cranks are so distraught, that it must be removed from the majority, who approve of the display.

These people, who so revile that which represents the One sent for their redemption and salvation, are those who have little tolerance.  These are also the same folks who demand “tolerance” for their ideology.  Their agenda is foremost and like all ‘true believers’ in a cause, they usually resort to forcing their ideology on others, via an ideologically driven court. That defines the 9th District in California.

This cross has a long standing on “federal property”.  Federal property by definition, belongs to the people, and the “people” have not requested it’s removal — only those few aforementioned cranks.  And let’s not forget, this “unconstitutional” cross was placed in position, while the Constitution was in position . . .  without objection.  There’s such a thing as a “grandfather clause’, which should certainly apply to the cross.

Most importantly, the cross, as other “religious” symbols, scriptures and oaths does not violate anything in the Constitution, expect to those who don’t understand what they read. .  . or choose to not understand what they read.  The “separation clause” was never inserted to restrict governments respect of the true God nor His worship.  Our Founders went to church in the Capitol building.  The Admendment was and is there, to keep government from enforcing taxes to pay for a federally held ‘religion’ (as was what the Founders fled) and ensure that Congress cannot make laws against free exercise of religious beliefs (which Obamacare has done).  This is all made clearer in the Federalist papers, which most objectors ignore by choice.

This is simply another display of the anti’s fighting the majority of America.  A cross, a nativity scene, scripture on a wall, an oath in court — these are all established institutions in America, which Liberals, atheist and dissenters wish to destroy. Their willful ignorance prevents them from seeing, they’re also destroying their own liberty.

If the cross is illegal removed, those who enjoy it there will survive.  Christians will survive and certainly, God survives.  But the nation will be a little weaker, a little more degenerate, a little less “tolerant” and a lot more lost.

1. “As the Founders understood it, disestablishment—the principle that Congress could not establish a State religion—prohibited only the national government from establishing a state religion. States kept their State-sanctioned religions for the public good. This keyed in perfectly with their understanding of the 10th Amendment. The Founders also understood the clause did nothing to prevent Church influence over State affairs.”  http://www.redstate.com/truefreak/2012/06/02/the-founders-intent-for-the-first-amendment/





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