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The Republicans Lackluster Lack Of Leadership League: FAILURE!


Boehner: not an example of strong leadership

Boehner was asked about conservative PACs and lobbying groups, including Heritage Action, that have come out in opposition to the Ryan-Murray agreement.

“You mean the groups that came out and opposed it before they ever saw it?” he shot back. “They’re using our members and they’re using the American people for their own goals. This is ridiculous.” more:  here

“They’re (Conservatives) using our members and they’re using the American people for their own goals”  Why, yes, Mr. B.  As free, thinking, voting citizens of the United States, that is our right?  Our “goals” are relevant, correct? Or, do you demand we shut up and relinquish to the Republican Lack of Leadership League, just as the Democrats also want?

Conservatives have been waiting and hoping for over 10 years, that you in the House and the weak, sad faced lackluster Senate Minority ‘leader’, Mitchell McConnell, to do your jobs.  We, as voting Republicans, sent you to D.C. to represent the us.  We expected you to uphold the law, reign in spending and defend our Constitution.  Instead, you have spent the last 5 plus years, looking for ways to concede, capitulate and coalesce to all Barack Hussein Obama and the Socialist Democrats want.  Which makes us wonder, who’s side are you on?

boehner_non leader

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Dem. Harry Reid, Speaker Boehner

And now, once again, you and your Elite, Lackluster Lack of Leadership League want to scold us?  The only people actually fighting for the American way of life and you ‘tsk tsk’ that we’re the ones in the wrong?  That we should shut up and bow to your ‘wisdom’?  Oh nooooo, I think not.

This “deal”, as has been the case multiple times before, is a surrender.  You throw away the Sequester and pretend you’re saving money, that you’re not.  We’re not stupid; we figured that out, sir.  The nation is broke.  In good part, we can thank you for that and the massive spending you preformed under George W Bush.  And the horrendous, reckless, unwarranted spending of Barack Obama and the Democrats. Spending of money that doesn’t exit.  You are… and you have, spent the nation into such debt we might never recover, which means:  collapse. The collapse and downfall of a nation because you think you can make money appear out of nothing.  The Laws of Economics say you’re wrong.

So yes, Mr. Bonehead Boehner, we’ll be a burr under your saddle.  We’ll be the hiccup in your get-along . . . we’ll be there to stomp up and down, speak out, write out….  and tell all of you weak Republican cowards how wrong you are and have unacceptable your little deals are. That is OUR right as America citizens.  And you, the weaklings in the Senate and Congress can cry us a river.

Conservatives don’t appreciate useless, gutlessness in our Representatives. Nor for the life of me,  do I see any reason you should remain Speaker . . . or why you’re even still in office.


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