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It Isn’t “Christ”mas Without Christ

Many on the left contest that conservatives have pulled the idea that there is a “War on Christmas” out of thin air.  But even if whoAmerican liberals deny that such a war is being waged, the country’s leading atheist group, American Atheists has no qualms about firing a shot right across the bough of American Christians.

The group has bought and ad on an electronic billboard in Times Square that asks passers-by: “Who need Christ during Christmas? Nobody.”  The billboard also list activities which it claims represent the “true” meaning of Christmas.  These include “food,” “gifts,” and “movies.”

American Atheist President David Silverman argued that for years Christians have been unjustified in claiming that the focus on the holiday season should be on the birth of Christ.   “We all love this time of year,” said Silverman. “Christianity has been trying to claim ownership of the season for hundreds of years. But the winter solstice came first and so did its traditions. The season belongs to everybody.” full story: here

Liberalism isn’t intellectual.  It’s not even smart.  It’s just exemplifies all they say they detest:  intolerance, bias and hatred.

These radical atheist dismiss God as a “myth”,  which is their right in America.  But that’s not quite good enough for them.  They also choose to malign and mock what they hate, with this foolishness.  They spend money paying lawyers to fight a Nativity scene placed on ‘public land’ or a cross on a hill, which has stood with the approval of it’s neighbors for 50 years. All because they are intolerant, biased and filled with hate.

Atheist can have their candy canes and unfettered “HoHo’s”, for their celebration of . . .  what?  Winter solstice?  So why the need to crush the Christ out of Christmas for those who appreciate, love and understand that Christ is in Christmas — intolerance bias and hatred.

These sorts can be annoying but in the end, these pathetic people are the ones we should feel the most sorry for.  They gleefully reject the grace of God and may well be beyond redemption.  A choice they’ve made and will live with for eternity.  This is the sad part.  There are no second chances after death.

The “need” for Christ in Christmas or any other day is a personal choice, guaranteed by the Constitutions (although not this particular government).  And Christmas, whether you like it or not, is based in Christ. After all, it’s Christ- mas, not Santa- mas or Gift- mas. It’s not even Winter Solstice- mas.

But there are 2 sides to the Christian’s Christmas:  those who realize that indeed, it’s a day which has been deeply corrupted by the world and those who see no harm in all the festivities.  I walk both views, as I’m sure most do.  Christmas, as Easter, is not “holy day” in Christendom.  I was taught to realize that Christians don’t have holy days, just a Holy God of Redemption and Grace.  And that we can use our God given free will, to play Santa and buy gifts.  Our Constitution also says that others have no right to inflect their personal views on us.  What a pity these atheist can’t afford the same respect to other peoples views.  But since they choose not to . . .  who need care?  They don’t effect me nor mine.  They’re irrelevant when it comes to how I view or celebrate Christmas.

These radical atheist are correct in one area: too much time can be, and is, spent on spending, buying, purchasing.  Gifts, food and activities have nothing to do with Christ’s birth.  Jesus the Christ, Savior Redeemer of those who believe, wasn’t even born in December. But that doesn’t exempt the Grinch’s of bad manners from their intolerance, bias and downright hatred of those who see the “Christ” in “Christ”mas.  Shame on them.


6 comments on “It Isn’t “Christ”mas Without Christ

  1. NotAScientist
    December 11, 2013

    “All because they are intolerant, biased and filled with hate”

    Nope. All because religious displays on ‘public’, meaning government, land are illegal and unconstitutional. It doesn’t matter how many people like it. If something is unconstitutional or illegal, it remains illegal.

    “So why the need to crush the Christ out of Christmas for those who appreciate”

    How are they doing that? Is not having your religion promoted on government land somehow preventing you from celebrating your holiday?


    • RightyPunditry
      December 11, 2013

      Your (TYPO corrected to “You’re”. Thank you) absolutely wrong. If you read the Constitution, Amendments and Federalist papers, it’s VERY clear our Founders intent was to prevent governemnt from intruding on “religious” activities and “expression” — no where is there an intent to keep “religion” (meaning Judeo/ Christian ) out of government. Therefore, “religion” and Christmas display of “religious” origin have legal ground on public property. Check out the fact and become informed.
      You missed another point: their ‘crushing’ of Christmas comes from rudeness and bad matters in insult, demeaning the Christ in Christmas & Christians beliefs. Let these brave atheist’s take up time demeaning Mohammad and deal with those repercussions. That would prove more interesting.


      • NotAScientist
        December 11, 2013

        “prevent governemnt from intruding on “religious” activities and “expression”

        And the government putting up religious displays on government land IS the government intruding. In one particular religion’s favor. But intruding is intruding.

        “Your absolutely wrong.”

        Actually, you are. And doubly wrong, both in sentiment and grammar. The word is ‘you’re’, not ‘your’.

        “comes from rudeness and bad matters in insult”

        If you can’t take rudeness, your religion is incredibly weak.


      • RightyPunditry
        December 11, 2013

        1. Wrong. Government is allowed to put religious displays on public property. Have you seen the Supreme Court? Any Court and his “religious” displays of scripture?
        2. yep, a typo.
        3. The “rudeness” is direct at the silly rudeness of bitter atheist maligning Christmas & Christians and surely you understood that. AS I said in the post: it has NO personal effect; these ppl are sad and irrelevant. Please read before commenting.
        I will say a prayer for you and hope God will open your heart and bless you exceedingly.


      • NotAScientist
        December 11, 2013

        “Government is allowed to put religious displays on public property.”


        Religious politicians put religious displays on public property. It’s unconstitutional, but they get away with it. Shocking, I know, to see politicians get away with illegal things.

        “these ppl are sad and irrelevant.”

        Then why did they get a full post from you?


      • RightyPunditry
        December 13, 2013

        Sorry, but I’m correct, which you’d know if you did some homework. Government is a government of ‘men’, but government is an entity — which allowed “religious” displays, as are on most all Federal Buildings, Courts,etc. As I stated, they are irrelevant in the long scope of life and the ‘after life’, but legitimate to comment on their ignorance and silliness.


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