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Be Intolerance Of Intolerance — Say Merry Christmas In ‘Red And Green’!

frisco txAn elementary school in Frisco, Texas is believed to be the first in the state to violate “The Merry Christmas Law” after they banned Christmas trees and the colors red & green from an upcoming “winter” party.  Boys and girls who attend the Nichols Elementary School “Winter Party” will not be able to make any reference to Christmas or any other religious holiday. Christmas trees are also banned – along with the colors red and green.
The rules were sent to parents in an email from the school’s PTA.

grinchThis is what it’s come to, America. You’ve got college-educated terrified to put a toy elf on the shelf because she might get sued by the ACLU or some other left wing anti-Christmas group.
“When Gov. Perry signed ‘The Merry Christmas Bill,’ clearly that didn’t solve the issue,” he said. “The battle rages on. It’s distressing.”   here

America is being turned into a 3rd word ghetto, thanks to the political polices of Barack Hussein Obama, his radical minions of drone- like- sycophants and Democrats in Congress . . .  and yet, the Dedicated Dividers find time to ban things like — colors.  Our military, away from home and family on Thanksgiving and Christmas, are having their Base commissaries closed under the rein of Obama, and yet we have Liberals banning colors.  Our illustrious ‘dear leader’ is acting un-constitutionally, and we have Liberals wasting time banning colors.  How do you get to be so stupid?

Since Texas recently passed a law to “allow” Christmas, it’s traditions and saying such as the hated, reviled term, “Merry Christmas!” (sad, true and obviously necessary!), these sour Grinch’s rules are likely to go nowhere.  The good people of Frisco, Texas are smart enough to be intolerant of intolerance.

It’s so silly it’s laughable.  As we see our government and country demand “tolerance” for the intolerance of Liberals banning words, “gay marriage” and accepting that illegals as legal, we wonder if we’re the only sane people left?  As we watch as our government and country ‘reach out’ to Islam and debate whether a burka should be allowed on a drivers license photo, so as to be “tolerant” of this radical, pagan religion, we must wonder if we’re the only sensible, reasonable people left?

Laugh, cry, scream, morn — just don’t ignore.  If we don’t stand for what we believe in, for what this nation was founder upon, then we shall lose it.  We weren’t founded on red or green colors or even Christmas, but with the idea, concept and presumption that there was a God of the universe, a Creator God and a God of the Bible.  Judeo Christian principles are our foundation, which morphs into personal, individual liberties and freedom from which NO government has the right to redact.

Red and green are just colors, “Merry Christmas!” is just a traditional greeting . . . and they are right to enjoy, use and speak.  Be intolerant of the intolerant — it’s our right as well.

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