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“Alleged Racist Hate Crime” Possibly Perpetrated By Mother Of Mixed Race Eighth Grader Boy

liarInvestigators looking into an alleged racist hate crime aimed at an eight-grade football player in Lunenburg, Mass., reportedly have just one suspect — the boy’s mother.  Media outlets ran with the story after the racist spray-painted message, “Knights don’t need n***ers,” was found written on the side of football player Isaac Phillips home. His mother, Andrea Brazier, blamed her half-black son’s teammates for the racist “hate crime.”

Brazier also responded “OK” when an FBI agent told her she wanted the investigation to stop because she was the one who spray painted the graffiti on the house. She did say that her husband and son had nothing to do with the incident.

FBI agents also found two burnt aerosol cans in an outdoor pit when they visited to examine the graffiti…….  Despite her vocal desire to conclude the investigation, police informed the mother that they will keep going “until we uncovered the truth.” here

Sick, desperate, delusional, eager for attention and possibly a financial payoff?  What would motive this fool of a female to pull such a stunt?  Probably all of the aforementioned.

Getting attention from a so called “hate crime”(“hate crime”  ONLY being defined as anything offending a person of black color or  lineage) can have a big pay off.  Media attention galore is only the beginning. As we know, law suites can blossom like flowers in spring, when people smell money.

This woman probably had some grudge against white boys on the team and decided this would be cute revenge and afford her need for attention.  Whatever the reason, this is despicable.

She could well be charged with filing a False Police Report but I doubt she’ll spend much time in jail or suffer too badly financially, as she should.  But this disgusting activity should be tolerated.


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