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“He’s (Barack Hussein Obama) Become The Very Danger The Constitution Was Designed To Avoid

turleySeveral constitutional law experts criticized some of President Obama’s executive actions today, telling lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the administration crossed a line by delaying the new health care law and changing immigration enforcement.  At a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Jonathan Turley, a professor of public interest law at George Washington University Law School, testified that there has been a radical expansion of presidential powers in recent years, beginning with President George W. Bush and continuing under Obama.

The Obama administration has “an undeniable pattern of circumventing Congress in the creation of new major standards, exceptions, or outright nullifications,” Turley said.  That has caused a continued rise of a fourth branch—large agencies that can determine their own jurisdictions—and created a dangerous and unstable system for future presidents who will claim the same authority, Turley said.

“He’s become the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid, the concentration of power in any one of the branches,” Turley said of Obama. “If a president can unilaterally change the meaning of laws in substantial ways, or refuse to enforce them, it takes offline that very thing that stabilizes our system.”   here

Mr. Turley is NO conservative and has been, or still is, a supporter of Barrack Hussein Obama.  He might now have some, umm, concerns that the IRS will show up at his door.  If he does not, he’s a fool.

But clearly Turley spoke the facts and truth  . . . facts and truth about Obama that Conservatives have been saying since 2008 and no doubt, earlier.  Facts Conservatives have been saying about the Democrat Party for decades — out of control socialist agenda.

There are more than ample grounds to Impeach Barack Obama.  A legal means, provided by the Constitution, to halt the racial, socialist agenda of one man and his regime.  The Republicans are proving to be gutless, compliment fools, standing by scheming on how to get reelected, as our Constitution and country are crushed.

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