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Cher’s Son (The Real One) Apologizes For Mom’s Outrageous, Vulgar Remarks About Sarah Palin

applogyapplogysonIn November, Cher called Sarah Palin a “dumb C-word.” Let’s hear it for feminism!

Palin’s brother, Chuck Health Jr., wrote an open letter to the unhinged singer. While Cher doesn’t seem too broken up over her vile tweets, her son, Elijah Blue, reached out to Palin and her family to apologize for the “ugly remarks.”  here

The aging pop singer has display a pathetic lack of class.  As a deadender, Liberal touting, anti-American “hater” (here), it’s more than apparent she lost her way on the highway of life.

Possibly and hopefully, her son (the authentic one and son of Gregg Allman ) did fall far from the Cher tree.

Cher’s comments are horrifically unacceptable in any public conversation.  She has the right to disagree with anyone political ideology, but the distasteful hate Cher displayed, has little to do with politics.  Just hate.  And it certainly doesn’t give her nor anyone, the right to such profane, vulgarity.

What would Cher say if this exact comment were said about her daughter/turned son, Chasity/ Chaz . . .  humm, I wonder how she’d respond to that?  Indignant?  To say the least . . . yet she thinks she has free rein for her rants.

You can’t expect an ignorant boob to change over night.  Possibly in another 40 or 50 years, Cher will change her spots.  In any case, her son shows dignity, as well as hope.  Always a good thing. Thank you, sir.


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