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“Open For Thanksgiving” Might Be A Four Letter Word: Foul

open tdayThere’s an increasing number of stores who’ve chosen to be Open Thanksgiving Day, hoping to bring in extra bucks, by getting a jump on “black Friday”.  That Friday after Thanksgiving when eager folks swarm stores likes Killer Bees in hopes of getting a 50″ TV on the cheap.  Granted, our economy is still in the dumper, with the Saul Alinsky economic polices of Barack Obama; but as we should know, most “poor” Americas still have cable TV, flat screens, auto’s and much more. . .  and they shop.

shoping mobStores should have the right to be open or not on any day they choose.  After all, that is part of the ‘free market place’ and honestly, regardless of the economic depression we’re still in, if you don’t like or appreciate your job, please find another.  Don’t take your sour outlook out on your customers.

But the other side of that coin is, do these stores honestly and economically need to be Open?  Doubtful.  It’s just the desire for more money.  But I do wonder if they ask their employees if they want to be working Thanksgiving or Christmas?  It does seem Scroogesque to force those people to work when they’d like to be home cooking Thanksgiving for family.

I don’t know how many people actually think about Thanksgiving anyway.  We’ve been horrendously bombarded with the ludicrous term “turkey day” for decades now.  A ‘foul’ term in my estimation.  Thanksgiving Day was set aside to thank God for His grace and gifts toward each of us, just as the pilgrims did.  They thanked God for what He had done and provided, much to the chagrin of today’s’ bitter Liberals, who seem to thank no one other than big government.

As a society, we set aside Thanksgiving and Christmas as days for businesses to be Closed, so everyone had the opportunity to spend time with family on these special days.  Government agreed by making these Federal holidays, so our beloved, glorious government workers would definitely not be at work. . . and looking forward to their next million dollar, taxpayer funded vacation/ retreat in Las Vegas.

There was even a time when there was no shopping on Sundays, since Sunday was the one day for church.  That was following God’s leading of the ‘7th day of rest’.  Most people went to church for the obvious reason.  That appears to be lost in a galaxy far away. . .  and thus entered open stores and shopping on Sunday.  Perhaps shopping should be declared a ‘holy word’.

Greed has overtaken the soul of America, as it does most societies.  We’re been blessed and fortunate to see the buggy replaced by a Maserati, men walk on the moon, and a 84″ TV screen . . . and where even the “poor” have Smart Phones, thanks to other taxpayers.

Everyone feels entitled to have what they want, when they want — this is greed, unbridled and unrestrained.  It’s an infectious disease spread through Liberalism.  It’s a disease not covered by Obamacare although it is propagated by Obamacare.  It’s a disease reflected in disrespect for God, our country, our traditions, our Christian based holidays and the employees who work them.

It’s a shame.   And rather disgusting.  But in a country where Miley Cyrus isn’t thrown by the wayside for her vulgar activities and  Martin Bashir uses some of the worst language of the year directed at a woman, can we expect anything else?  Open Thanksgiving Day.


Pilgrims were thanking God… not shopping


3 comments on ““Open For Thanksgiving” Might Be A Four Letter Word: Foul

  1. Brittius
    November 25, 2013

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  2. Jim
    November 24, 2015

    I have to admit that stores’ opening on Thanksgiving truly bothers me. It isn’t because I think people should be denied the opportunity to shop whenever they want to, because I don’t. It is because it negatively impacts other people by treating them in a way that I would never want to be treated.

    This year, our Thanksgiving tradition is being ruined by my daughter’s retail store being open on Thanksgiving Day. She MUST be there at 2pm, or she will be fired. Another family member has to be at her job at the same time, or she will be fired. We have international family members visiting for the holidays and it won’t be much of one because the stores will be “Open on Thanksgiving Day!”

    Young mothers and fathers, who work retail, will also be forced to work just so other people can shop. That means that some children will have to spend Thanksgiving Day at the baby sitters, if there is no family around.

    Being open on Thanksgiving day shows an utter contempt for employees and their families. The stores are showing this by being open AND those who shop on that day are doing the same thing. I oppose it so much that I have chosen, as an act of conscience, to not shop at any store that chooses to be open on Thanksgiving day for all of 2016 and beyond if they keep doing it. I don’t care if that is meaningless in the big picture of things, because it matters to me and I think it is the right thing to do.


    • RightyPunditry
      November 24, 2015

      As a society, we’ve become too consumed with ‘consumerism’; eyes glued to Iphone as they ignore the human around them. Being forced to work on a Federal holiday, brought about by pure greed of filthy lucre, is beyond sad. Sad that as a nation, we can no longer take ONE day to thank God for our blessings. I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving & Christmas, either in a store or online. Making employees work is a sad state of affair’s.


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