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Democrats Voted To End The Representative Republican, Voted Against ‘Democracy’ And Gave Their Middle Finger To The Constitution

evil harry reid

Evil, radical Democrat Harry Reid

The Democrat-controlled Senate voted Thursday to invoke the so-called “nuclear option,” making it possible to confirm most presidential nominees by a simple majority vote.
Confirmed: U.S. Senate Passes Nuclear Option Fundamentally Changing Filibuster Power

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) led Democrats in approving a substantial change to Senate filibuster rules.

Thursday’s vote marked a major shift in more than 200 years of Senate precedent that required a 60-vote majority to assure a final vote on most presidential nominees. The “nuclear option,” however, means only 51 votes are required to confirm most judicial and executive nominees.  here

Barack Hussein Obama is thrilled.  Socialist Democrats are overjoyed.  They succeeded in purging the Senate from “Advice and consent”, part of the Constitutional process to ensure no one Party, no one man will have unlimited, uncontrolled, unfettered rule.  Of course, this move is what Barack Hussein Obama has been doing and working for since gaining office of President.

Quite literally, Obama could nominate an avowed, confirmed Communist as a Judge and no one could stop him.  He could place this most radical, unqualified people in Judgeship and that would be it.  This should not be — but this is the makeup of not just Obama, but the radically Leftist Democrat Party.

But that might not be the worse of what these tyrannical Democrats have done… in the law, they placed a clause stating this is ONLY good for as long as the Democrats have control of the Senate — and will reverse, once they lose that control.  Meaning, Republicans don’t get the same honor, as these pompous, arrogant Democrats.

The hypocrite Democrats and Obama himself, screamed and whaled when the Republicans “threatened” to do the same just a few years ago.  They bellowed of it’s unconstitutionality.  Now they touting how wonderful it is for this young, black president… and how magnificent they are to work around the Constitution and the Law.

When a nation doesn’t have a Base it respects, this is the inevitable results.  When you don’t have principles and ethics to guide your decisions, this is the results — — tyranny, dictatorial rule, laws ignored or created on the whim of one man, one Party.

The Socialist Democrat Party has no shame.  After all, it’s the Party of both Clinton and Obama.  They only have ideology and propaganda.  Only fools vote for them and in doing so, punish the rest of the freedom loving world.  This is in God’s hands and we will have to wait on His rebuke.


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