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Ann Coulter – It’s Not The “Word Police” But A Policy Of Non Acceptance Of The Obscene

coulterHannity confronted Coulter on why in the hell she’s defending the “deranged” Alec Baldwin. Coulter argued conservatives are targeting Baldwin somewhat unfairly and said he has a point about the invasive paparazzi.

Coulter ultimately told Hannity that she doesn’t like what people like Bashir and Baldwin and Ed Schultz say, but, “I don’t support the word police.”  here

Here is what Martin Bashir said On MSNBC: Railing against Gov. Sarah Palin, Bashir said, “…. someone should beat Sarah Palin and defecate in her mouth”

Ed Schultz, MSNBC: he called radio talk show host, Laura Ingraham, a “talk slut”

I enjoy the spunk, intellect and wit of Ann Coulter, although  I was very disappointed when she supported Chris Christi a few years back.  Christi had proved himself not to be a Conservative, so how could Coulter support this man so vehemently?  I was annoyed enough to wonder what had happened to Coulter, for her to be so wrong . . . or if she had always had some of these views?

In any case, having seen her on Hannity the other night, I was once more very disappointed.

This is not a case of the “word police”.  Word policing is the Nazi/ Liberal Democrat way of attacking and shutting up, anyone they oppose.  And with the Democrats, that would be the majority of Americans.  The Word Police are the ones who tell us “constitution” , “illegals”. Washington “Redskins” and “English only” are offensive terms and can no longer be used.  A dictate they came to all on their own…. how lovely we have them around.

But when a personality on a so called “news” show like MSNBC, is so profane, so rude, so hate filled to say that a woman, an ex-governor should be beat and “someone should defect in her mouth”, that person should be fired! Period (to quote Obama).  He should be forever removed from the public view.  Not because we, the thinking public, are offended by the words or terms, but because in the public eye, this is obscene and should never be tolerated.  

The last few years, we’ve had a slew of people on the Left shout and pontificate their vulgar escapades on MSNBC.  One was fired; most have been ignored by their fellow ‘journalist’, since they were degrading Conservatives.

This is simply something our society should not tolerate.  Have we lost all sense of morality?  Can it even be defined, much less found, on most television networks?  If not — it’s our own fault for not demanding it’s removal.

Martin Bashir proudly and publicly exhibited his degenerated, filthy, vulgar mind. That is his right to do  . . . in private or amongst fellow degenerates.  But NOT on the TV network.

I’m sorry Ann Coulter can’t see the simplicity of this, because it is very simple.  The Left loves to say, ‘You are what you eat’.  So just perhaps it’s possible, that we are what we’re exposed to . . . and become that which we don’t protest.


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  1. Brittius
    November 21, 2013

    Reblogged this on Brittius.com and commented:
    Liberals have a lot of intolerant words.


  2. Peter Castle
    November 21, 2013

    In defending Baldwin, Coulter defending herself, as noted in this free PDF book


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