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What If Red States Ruled And Blue States Drooled? “Back” Would Be The Future

I was annoyed again today, when I had to view my Representatives, both State and Federal, and knew they were Socialist Liberal, ‘obamacare’ loving Democrats.  It can make does one feel hopeless, when you know you’re surrounded by greedy, lazy, un- self reliant people, who demand ‘free stuff’ provided and paid off by other people — regardless of their financial status.

My husband and I are not wealthy, which isn’t to say we go hungry or without cable TV.  The fact is:  the majority of “poor” in this country, have cell phones, cable/ Satellite TV, personal car, refrigerators, housing, microwaves, etc., etc.(but don’t get me going on the phoniness of the country’s “poor”).  But regardless of our personal financial status, WE pay taxes to a government who continues to spend like unrestrained, drunken males in a whore house using grandma’s credit card.

Here are a couple of maps I found, which reflect the ‘red – blue state’ status from 2008 and later.

The first map was created by a Liberal, Democrat site — trusts me.  I forced myself to go there and read the foolishness I found.

redblue08Note the majority RED.

The second map is another perspective… still, the majority is Red.

redblueAs most of us probably know, the Red reflects majority Republican/ Conservative voting, while the Blue denotes Liberal/ Democrat voting.  (this used to be reversed — back in the ’80’s.  Republicans were Blue and Dems RED.  After the Democrats realized Red represented communism, it was switched.  And accident I’m sure… haha)

This got me to thinking.  How would it be, how would it work it, say if all those socialist loving democrats lived in ONE state and the Republican, more conservatives folks lived in other states? The Blue could easily fit into ONE state… I’d even give them California with all the nice beaches and sun (it would be more than worth it to get them out of the other states).

IF this happened (and of course it won’t) who would be running the country?  Who would have Majority control?  Who would own the House, the Senate, the White House and the Courts?  It would NOT BE the Blue Democrats.  These people are the minority of the nation. . . . and always have been.  But by design, rather than ‘accident’, they’ve swarmed all over and consumed the “news” media and raised themselves in Liberal controlled college, taught by Socialist professors and entered politics to be good little Socialist foot soldiers for liberal/ Marxists politics.  Rarely, if ever, reflecting or “representing” the people who sent them to D.C. (or the State)  — but doing the will of the Grand Democrat Poopbahs.

If the aforementioned were true, then Red  would rule and the country would have Ted Cruz as President, Mike Lee as VP, Allen West in the Justice Department or perhaps the Department of Defense . .  and Sarah Palin as Secretary of State.  The country would be reviving, prospering, positive and moving to a hopeful future. . . and hearing the minority whine, cry and lie, aka, business as usual.

Laws would be repealed that stifled the free economics of business, job growth would explode, oil, gas and coal would flourish and supply needs like we’d never seen before.  Interest rates would level out so people who saved some money, could make a little money.  Inflation would start to creep steadily down… and prayer could come back into the country, as we once again, taught our children to pledge of allegiance in all our schools and thanked God for our daily bread.  Bread which would be brought from home and not supplied by other people around the country, by the way.  And no doubt, the birds would be happier too . . .

This is what’s meant when Tea Party supporters say, “Take our country back!”  Back IS the future; back to the founding principles of freedom, liberty and self reliance — and if you don’t know how to do any of those 3 principles, you will have to learn, as painful as it might be.  Your children will thank you.

Freedom is not free.  Even the concept of freedom isn’t free.  It can cost you your life, as it did those who fought quietly, silently behind the scenes in the 1700’s  (here).  But freedom won, by the grace of God.  The majority won, by the grace of God and that majority was Red — red blooded Conservatives who feared God and swore allegiance to Liberty.


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