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Hillary Clinton: A “Created Piece of Fiction Out Of Absolutely Nothing”

Comedian Jackie Mason, who has made it known he thinks President Obama is a lying “maniac,” is also unloading on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an “empty-headed” invention of the press who could actually be put on trial “as a murderer” for her role in the Benghazi fiasco that left four Americans dead.

“I would say that compared to this guy [Barack Obama], she’s a sensational person. Compared to a person who should be a president, it sounds like this is another case for a sanitarium,” Mason told WABC Radio host Aaron Klein.

“Because the truth of the matter is she’s accomplished nothing in her life and she’s an invention of the press. The press is a Democratic Party press in this country, and when they pick out somebody to anoint them for the position of the presidency, they elevate them every single day in the paper as a brilliant woman. When you see ‘brilliant woman’ every day, and if you’re not involved in politics, you assume she must be a brilliant woman, because you’re reading it every day in the paper.”

“So they invented her as some kind of a genius,” Mason continued, “and nobody is studying the situation to find out what she really is. What she really is is an empty-headed person who accomplished nothing all her life. And they created a piece of fiction out of absolutely nothing. It’s just like they took a person from the street and they decided that this guy who’s sweeping toilets all his life really should be the president because he’s not really in the toilet, he’s creating the toilet.”  See video:   here

I gotta hand it to Jackie.  He’s either ‘fearless!’ . . .  or too old and wise to give a care; but in any case, he’s willing to do and say what few are.  Of course, the others could be afraid of having the FBI, CIA, NSA, EPA, HLS and other alphabet soup members show up at their door, armed and ready to “investigate” a “threat”.  Or is that just reserved for the current ‘dear leader’?

But what HAS Hillary Clinton accomplished:

1. A husband who disrespects her in the worst ways possible — publicly and often.  She’s been a ‘clinging vine’, clinging to a man she thought would be President — by ‘hook or by crook’.  The Clinton’s used the ‘crook’ method, as they lied, cheated, stole and used every corrupt means at hand, to achieve their goals. . .   “destroy other people to be a ‘political success’“.
2. Hillary (was evidently promised) the carrot of Universal Healthcare, aka,  “hillarycare” back in the ’90’s.  The same exact, corrupt Socialist plan that Obamacare IS.  Sadly for her and Billy, the press accidentally exposed what it was “in it” before it was forced into law, and the people/ voters revolted and said ‘hell no!’  It was tossed out instead of the Clinton’s, which should have been the case.
She was appointed Secretary of State as “payback” for supporting the current dear leader — and make NO mistake, that was the only reason.  She was another horrible Democrat in another lost political position.  Four people were murder in Benghazi as she turned her head, in another scheme to ‘make’ Benghazi appear to be a political success for Barack Hussein Obama AND herself.
3. She not only hasn’t “accomplished” much on her own, she is the female she claimed NOT to be, when back in the ’90’s (when Billy philandering, adulterous way were exposed) she said the was a “not a ‘stand by your man’ woman, when she was.  Yea for her?  But it appears she ‘stood by her’ skank out of political desire and not devotion, love or respect.  He “done her wrong” but she wanted another verse to the song …. “Queen of America, at last, at last!”

Jackie Mason nailed it.  Good for him.  I just wish and pray the fawning American “news” media would report facts, instead of fiction, regarding their beloved Socialist Democrats.  Won’t be happ’n, I know.

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