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The Phoniness Of “Fairness”: Just Another Name For Socialism

I ran across this video from a fellow conservative.  I was a bit bewildered after watching it.  It appears to be the usual capitalist bashing, socialist promoting from any diehard, dead-ender Liberal.  Which it is.

These sorts of video, ads, commercials and the like, come from the people who are constantly demanding the redistribution of wealth.  And let’s be honest: they only redistribution from those who use their talents, time and ingenuity to create wealth and riches for themselves.  Liberal Socialist believe their legally gained wealth should be redistributed to the government, who can re-redistribute to it’s ‘chosen ones’.

To continue honesty, who should care who has more riches or wealth?  What business is it of mine or yours, how large the bank account is of my neighbor next door or across the country?  That’s defined as envy and greed… wanting, by ill-gotten means (government redistribution) or any means, what someone else has  legally and rightfully obtained!  And when Government gets it’s greedy hands on our money via taxes, fines or any other cute name, that is an unnecessary evil.

Paying just taxes for the just causes of government, is of course, not what I’m referring to.  We must support government to do what it’s mandated to do:  protect the country’s interior, borders and from all foreign invaders (which does include “illegals”)  And that’s it.  Everything else is bloated, greedy, controlling government folks who simply want ‘power over the people’ . . . and find so called legal ways, to steal our money for their use.  When’s the last time you saw or met a poor politician?

God, our source for all that’s correct, right and just, never said we were to be “equal”.  Nor has God designated “fair” as “next to godliness”.  God Himself had His hand in founding this nation on individual freedom and liberty (to be taken up in a later post).  So the idea of fairness, equality and equal distribution of wealth, is a man made, convoluted idea.  Man’s concepts and ideas will always be riddled with sin and selfish goals, by nature.

So few Americans are “rich” or “wealth” . . . so what?  In America (as founded, not as growing socialist government has contorted), if you want more (legally gained) wealth, find a way to make it!  Some very rich people never went to college, so that is not a necessity to wealth. The most important quality is individual initiative and desire.  That makes ideas which grow into creativeness.  Not all people will have that, desire that, or are willing to work for that — and again, so what?  We’re free to do little — or much.

Socialism is a failed system, which has been proved throughout the centuries.  And redistribution is an evil concept, promoted by Socialist . . .  and do they that by playing on guilt and greed.  It’s as simple as that.  Don’t fall for it.


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