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“A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste” … Which You Will Understand When You Listen To Democrats

liberal insanityMSNBC’s Morning Joe sidekick Mika Brzezinski is getting desperate for ObamaCare to succeed, to the point of threatening to jump off of, well, something. On Tuesday’s show, she exploded at the GOP for not falling in line behind the health care law. “[E]very step of the way – every step of the way – the Republicans have tried to undermine this from top to bottom and if anything they probably were part of the problem,” she huffed.

A few minutes later, Brzezinski upped the stakes of her despair. Referring to the administration’s fast-approaching deadline for fixing healthcare.gov, she proclaimed, “And they have said they have a deadline and it will work. And if it doesn’t, I’m going to throw myself off – I mean, it just has…”  Read more: here

Well, there is hope.  Another downtrodden Liberal, pondering to “throw herself…” off the nearest cliff, perhaps?  There should be a pile of ‘grandma’s’ down there, if she’s listened to her Democrats buddies.  I don’t promote suicide, at all.  But when a Liberal sees the light, it must be much like a stake through the heart of Dracula or a silver bullet shot at a Werewolf…. and alas, there’s no hope left.  A comforting cliff jump, might be just the thing?

Poor pitiful muddled minded Mika.  Should we tell her it’s already over?  That Obamacare can’t “work”(as we ordinarily define the word) That is, like all Socialist/ Liberal idea’s and policies, they are failures. It could take time, like Social Security, etc. but doom is on the inevitably on the horizon.  You can’t continually take money from the produced to “redistributed” through the government, to it’s ‘chosen’ people.  Collapse is a matter of time.  This is actually an easy mathematical problem and yet so simple, it continually escapes the Liberal mind — for thousands of years.

But I wonder if little ill-informed Mika ever “exploded” when Democrats didn’t “work” obama logicwith Republicans, when the rascally Republicans were standing on their principles?  Nope, I’m kinda think’n probably not.  The Liberal mind is so contorted, delusional and filled with bias bigotry, it long ago lost the ability to see anything in front of its face. Liberals/ Democrats/ Progressives/ Socialist believe in ‘victory at any cost’, which means: lying, disregarding the Constitution and laws currently on the book. It’s the agenda at any cost.  And Barack Hussein Obama has proved that point since he first swore his own on the Bible to uphold the Constitution…. which he immediately dismissed as irrelevant.

But not to fear (nor ready to celebrate).  Little Mika won’t be jumping off of any cliff.  Like Barrack and the Socialist Democrats, she’ll continue to “blame” Republicans for any Obamacare failures, instead of seeing the actualities of the failed events.  Americans did not want Obamacare; they want it less now; the Republican Party and in particular, the Tea Party type of Conservatives, have been the ONLY people to stand on Constitutional grounds to fight this ugly, nasty behemoth the Socialist Democrats and Barack Hussein Obama forced on America.  It’s going off the cliff whether muddled Mika likes it or not.

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