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How Communism Absorbed The Democrat Party And The Democrat “Progressive Caucus”

communist” The Black Book of the American Left” is the newest book by ex-communist, now conservative writer/ speaker, David Horowitz.  He says “In calling them (Democrats) liberals, [conservatives] failed to appreciate the Marxist foundations and religious dimensions of their radical faith or the hatreds it inspired.”

The massive defeat they…suffered in the fall of the Marxist states they helped to create had the ironic and unforeseen effect of freeing them from the burden of defending it. This allowed them in the next decade to emerge as a major force in American life. In the wake of the Communist collapse, this left has become a very big thing – so big that by 2008 it was the dominant force in America’s academic and media cultures, had elected an American president, and was in a position to shape America’s future.

Horowitz sees his mission as twofold: persuading those on the left that their ideas are pernicious and destructive, and expressing to conservatives the urgency of fighting the left rather than sitting on their haunches. Horowitz objects to terming leftists liberals: “In calling them liberals, [conservatives] failed to appreciate the Marxist foundations and religious dimensions of their radical faith or the hatreds it inspired.” here

It might be amusing, were it not so dire to the future of America.  They (Democrats, Liberals/ Progressive as well as many on the ‘Right’) love to snicker and call Conservatives “whackO-birds” and much, much worse, when Conservatives recite the facts showing that Obama, the Democrat Party in general, have leaned so far to the Left, that they’re Marxist.  These are the people who are in denial, too fearful, ignorant or willfully uninformed to see what is clear to the clear thinking and visually acute.  Communism has overtaken the Democrat Party.

All one need do is listen to what these Leftist Democrats say, in the unguarded moments.  There are countless video’s.  As for Barry Soto ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, reading the book he ‘wrote’ (wink wink)< “Dreams From My Father”, exposes his Marxist underbelly.  His mentors leave no doubt, since they were, or still are, communist.


A Proved Communist Slogan

For those still completely ignorant about what communism is, do some in depth research.  Don’t buy into the Liberal talking points that communism “cares for people”.  It’s does not.  It’s oppressive, dictatorial, heavy handed, authoritarian rule is by design and has no human compassion.  Communist leaders have murdered millions of it’s citizens throughout the decades.

President Reagan accomplished much in ending the tyrannical USSR (Vladimir Putin hasn’t changed from his KGB stripes). Those communist didn’t go away or ‘see the light’.  They, as all evil does, transformed.  They fled to the “green movement” and groups like PETA. They have been infiltrating the Democrat Party for decades and now, have successfully taken it over.  Those old Democrats easily gave up any ‘moral convictions’ they had to lust after the power that these Marxists afforded them.  But in all honesty, the was the Democrats who supported slavery from our foundation.  It’s not much of a leap from there.

Of course, as with all cowards, communist rarely admit who they are, what they truly believe and what they want.  They hide behind cute slogans, like “Hope and Change”.  They tell you for 4 years that,”if you like your health insurance you can keep it”, all the while knowing they must lie, to get their agenda accomplished.

All of that has now been exposed within this corrupt, evil Marxist lead government of Barack Hussein Obama.

I hope people will scrambled to get Horowitz’s new book.  It’s easy to close your eyes, snicker and rush back to see what Kim Kardashian is up too . . . it takes time to think and consider not just your future or the future of America, but that of your children.

Freedom is NOT fee.  It must be fought for every day.  When it’s not . . . .  we eventually are forced to open our eyes and see the destruction left around us and realize, “Those people were right”.





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  1. American Patriot
    November 7, 2013

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    I find it absolutely astonishing that people are JUST now writing articles like this. The Democrats have been commies for a long time. Not all Democrats are commies, but the leaders and vast majority of the Democratic Party is “Progressive” and labels themselves as such. Are people JUST getting this??????


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    July 7, 2014

    The Socialist Anti-Semitic Myth of the Creation of Money out of Thin Air


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