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Band Is ‘Too White’ For Leftist College’s Halloween Party

band Hollie McKay at Foxnews.com reports on political correctness breaking out at leftist Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. The Afrobeat band Shokazoba was removed from the “Hampshire Halloween” lineup after activists expressed “discomfort” about the band not being black enough. They used lingo about “cultural appropriation” and disrespecting “marginalized cultures.”

According to the band’s keyboard player Jason Moses, they were booked for the Hampshire Halloween bash on October 7, but last Friday – the day of the party – were dumped by the event organizers after comments were posted on the event’s Facebook page disparaging the music group because they weren’t black.

“We are appalled. The reason they (Hype) gave us was that their students felt unsafe. When we asked what made them feel that way, they had no concrete answers and the comments about us from a small group of people were deleted from the Facebook wall,” Moses told FOX411. “Our band was extremely excited to play, and although race shouldn’t even be an issue here, we are not an all-white band. We are extremely diverse and over the years have had African-American, Asian, Latino – a lot of different races and ethnicities play with us. The things said about us were not accurate.”  Read more: here

Not “black enough”?  So now being ‘white’, has becoming offensive?  If we’re going down the Leftist road of “cultural appropriation”, a good case could be made that “black” Americans, as well as Leftist, are a distinct minority and should have no say, no how.  Those are the fact — these radical individuals, although consuming the media and political offices like an out of control case of the bluebonnet plague, are a minority of people in America.  And if you want to discuss “marginalized cultures”, that is definitely the radical whacko’s on the Left.

This travesty is a clear case of stupidity, mixed well with bigotry, racism and prejudice, and served up as multiculturalism melting pot of nonsense.  Not a surprise that it transpired in the Leftist mecca of  the “Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts”.

Liberals tout their compassion as they crush anyone with a different view.  They brag about their inclusive ideology, when it’s horrendously divisive.  These are the base of all Socialist programs.  And sadly, the majority of this minority are willfully blind and can only see their own agenda and not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

I’m not one who supports these ridiculous, ‘frivolous’ law suites, which have become  the way- to- make- money- without- working, but in this case, the band should sue for lost income and slander.  We, the normal, sane people must begin to stand up and fight back against the insanity overtaking this country.



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