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Detroit Baptist Bishop Admits She’s In A Lesbian Relationship And Living With A Female

lesbian Bishop
Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams has officially resigned from her post at Zion Progress Baptist Church in Detroit, Mich., after announcing earlier this month that she is married — to another woman.  Abrams, 43, the church’s first female pastor, stunned congregants when she told them about the lesbian relationship — one that she claims unfolded following a personal evolution on her views surrounding same-sex attraction.

On Sept. 24, just weeks before she resigned, she tweeted about her five-year anniversary.    The pastor said her views about sexual orientation and love changed about a year ago and that she is not interested in labeling her orientation.

“I progressed in my theology and came to the point where I would love whichever came to me,” she told the Free Press. “I wasn’t just open to [a specific] gender, I was open to love in whatever way the Lord would bless me.”     here

The clues jump off the page.  Her comments reveal all.

Christians do not, should not and can not have “personal evolutions” of the Word of God.  It is set; written and finished by the Author.  What this woman is saying is SHE decided what SHE wanted to believe and live by, irregardless of what God says.

She “progressed” — exactly.  This is Liberalism/ Progressive ideology/ Socialism/ Communist/ Self Conceived Ideas of Right..  This is the evil behind such human ideologies.  It creates what it wants to believe and ignores and maligns the Truth.  SHE came to the conclusion that a lesbian relationship was hunky- dory, acceptable, probably even admirable — and told God to shove it.

“I was open to love in whatever way the Lord would bless me.”  Were she a ‘student’ of the Bible, she would know and understand that God can never, ever “bless” sin.  She is living in a delusion of her own making.  Sadly, many Christians, or so called Christians, fall into this evil trap.  It’s promoting ‘self’ over God and godliness; what we, as sinners, want or desire, over what God says is good, healthy and blessed.

This isn’t “judging” in the way that so many like to jump up and down and scream about so intently (they don’t understand the meaning).  We must, we are commanded, to ‘judge’ sin/ sinful behavior as we compare our actions to what God tells us is right . . .  or sinful.  I can’t judge her motives, like saying she “isn’t a Christian”.  I don’t know, only God knows that.  Christians do continue to sin, since we are simply redeemed sinners.  Not perfected humanity.  But we are told to ‘repent’, turn from sin, reach out to the Holy Spirit for strength and direction and pray fervently.

She has chosen to walk in sin and reject what God says is to be shunned.  Therefore she should be ‘cast out’ of the church, to find her way back to the correct path.  I hope she does, but that won’t be until she rejects her “personal evolution” and “progressive” ideas.  Then God will, and can, lead her back to the ‘fold’.


2 comments on “Detroit Baptist Bishop Admits She’s In A Lesbian Relationship And Living With A Female

  1. Matthew Chiglinsky
    October 28, 2013

    She has sex confused with love (like so many homosexuals). She doesn’t understand the difference between friendship and indulgence in vain sexual pleasure. She doesn’t understand that sexual pleasure in the context of a heterosexual relationship has a real purpose (procreation) and isn’t simply designed to make people get a drug high (which is all that homosexuals use it for).


    • RightyPunditry
      November 1, 2013

      She probably allowed her mind to ‘entertain’ the idea and then accepted it. I do have doubts as to her Christian beliefs, as this is such an abhorrent act.


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