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When Trick Or Treaters Come To Your Door — Take Their Candy And Teach Them Obamaism 101

halloweenReally funny!  Funny because it would be totally accurate and IS the Obama/Socialists Democrats doctrine, that keep forcing on America. . .  which isn’t so funny.  As much as these Democrats deny and re-deny the truth, their all Socialist.  Only Bernie Sanders actually admits he’s a Socialist.

And as we know with all Socialist, “Rules Apply To Thee, Not To Me”.  Not a single one of these politician frauds, would allow anyone to ‘take’ anything from them.  They even exempt themselves from the wondrous, fabulous Obamacare, did they not.

Here are a few suggestions I ran across, should any of you brave, inventive, teaching souls, decided to take on the task of Teaching the Ills and Lies of Socialism.

irs agents

“Ding dong… it’s the IRS!”

1.  Have your (conservative) friends dress up as IRS agents, to enforce the redistribution. If the kids hesitate or complain, you take more candy as a penalty and to pay the newly imposed interest.  And remember, just like Obama, the Democrats and Supreme Court, you too can jump between calling this redistribution of candy a “fine” and a “tax”!

no obama

NO Negotiation Obama

2.  Play Obama and sthe ‘no debate’ Democrats accurately.  Shut down your house! (if Obama can close the White House, you can close your house)  Don’t give out any candy, in fact, take a few “hostages” and be unwilling to negotiate  (you can always blame your neighbors!).  After all, you’re the King of your castle.  Note:  This will take some extra bravery and the ability to articulate to the local police and FBI, that you’re simply imitating our less than illustrious leaders in Washington D.C.  Then, after you call your lawyer, call Megan Kelly or Sean Hannity at Fox News to make sure the facts are reported accurately.


Yes, Virginia, Socialism is scary

3.  Call those little trick or treaters vile names!  This will enforce the Saul Alinsky doctrine of “personal destruction”, that Barack Obama and the Democrats use so successfully.  Make sure those little tikes know that they’re racist, hostage takers, bigots, homophobes, KKK members, etc.   Remember: nothing is too extreme or off bounds. YOUR DEMOCRATS!  Be proud of your abuse!

Have fun!  Make your point!  Teach the kids!  And give your lawyer a bonus!  And good luck!


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